Happy Norwegian Constitution Day!


17th of May is Norway’s National Day and an official national holiday. We call it Søttende mai which means Seventeenth May. 201 years ago the constitution was created at Eidsvoll and Norway became an independent kingdom after a 434 years union with Denmark. We Norwegians are proud to be independent and celebrate it with parades, flags, music, food and festivities.

I celebrated the day in Bergen with my boyfriend and his mother and stepfather who visited from Sweden. It was their first National Day celebration here in Norway and I think they enjoyed it. The city was so beautifully decorated with flags, flowers in the colors of the flag and everyone wore their best clothes like bunads or suit and dresses even though it rained quite a bit during the parade. We watched the parades, skydivers over the city, listened to the speeches and sang the National Anthem. Then we ate sushi for dinner and went to Starbucks for a coffee and dessert. Walked around in the city and looked at all the people and everything there was to see on this special day. Later in the evening there was a concert on Bryggen with great artists, all with a connection to Bergen, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Sondre Lerche, Charlie Siem, Bjarte Hjelmeland and Ylvis. Then the big new cruise ship Viking Star was christened and there were fireworks.

Happy Norwegian Constitution Day!

Gratulerer med dagen!

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

In WoW I’m a female troll balance druid named Syrco which has been my main since Ulduar. Before that my main was Syrcorax a male tauren warrior which also was my first character. But I love being a moonkin in both raids and PvP, and especially now with all the good moonkin changes which came with Cataclysm. I’m in a Scandinavian guild with amazing people, we have so much fun in-game and I love our guild parties, my guild is the best!

But am I supposed to write about WoW or real life? Hm, in real life I’m 21 years old and live in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I was born in Oslo, Norway and I grew up in Bergen, Norway. Been here in Denmark for almost two years now. I’m currently looking for a job while waiting to start my studies in August. My dream is to become a game designer, at Blizzard of course, but it’s a long way there and it will take a lot of work, and I haven’t started yet. My plan is to first get a bachelor degree in game design in Norway, then move to America and study more there.

Besides WoW, blogging and dreaming about my future I spent a lot of time listening to music and my favorite genre is metal and rock, but also love the World of Warcraft music. I go to all concerts and festivals I can afford, the latest concert I went to was Children of Bodom with support from Ensiferum and Machinae Supremacy in March, love those bands! Hope I one day can afford to visit the Wacken festival in Germany, and that Video Games Live visit Scandinavia.

Other important things in my life are my boyfriend and our two Maine Coon cats, Bonita and Morgan. What should I’ve done without them <3