Ash vs Dragon Soul

One of our hunters, Kulagi, frapsed our first kills of Morchok and Yor’sahj heroic so I just wanted to share them with you.

We took Morchok December 8 and Yor’sahj January 10. Morchok was fairly easy once we got the hang of the moving and stacking. As a moonkin this boss is not one of my favorites cause of the moving and interrupts/delaying of casts, there aren’t many casts you get in between the Stomp, moving to Crystal, back to stacking and then same over again. I actually specced Lunar Shower for this in hope of doing some more damage and it helped a bit.

We went directly for Yor’sahj after we killed Morchok but it seemed almost impossible, or that’s what the healers said, and it took us a while to learn the different combos and how to deal with them. We had some progress on him and it seemed less impossible but then it was Christmas and New Years so we had a few weeks break cause some people were going away and we weren’t able to get a good enough setup or even enough people for progressing on him.

But last week we started up again after the holidays and surprised ourselves with some really good tries on him on Sunday, and Tuesday we finally got him down.

Yor’sahj is more fun than Morchok as moonkin cause it’s not the same thing over and over again, it’s so random and depending on which combos you get and which you choose to leave up. It took me a while to figure out how to best to this boss and I’m not sure yet how other moonkins do it, so if you’re moonkin on Yor’sahj heroic I’d like to know. We are two moonkins in my guild now and got different playstyles and he’s new so I don’t know him that well yet, but he seems good. I haven’t really talked about him about how we did it on that boss either, but on the kill we were even on the dps, but I felt like most of the tries I did a little more than him.

I specced Gale Winds and Lunar Shower for this boss and placed Mushrooms before pull, pre pot, Starfall and Solar Eclipse to detonate Mushrooms and then just nuke untill the spawns, Moonfire/Sunfire while moving, keep dots up on boss and Mana Void, on AoE stay in Solar and detonate Mushrooms on every CD and Hurricane when detonate Mushrooms is on cooldown, cause I tested it and it did good enough damage and I had no problems with mana. On first Mana Void which we never kill, I used my Innervate with Dreamstate. Normal rotation on single target, Starfall in Lunar if possible, but on AoE and in Solar I used it anyway. And that’s just about it, I think, how I played.

Thoughts on Dragon Soul

I’ve been looking forward to new content for like a month, maybe more. Firelands was fun before the big nerf when the bosses actually were a small challenge, now they’re just ridiculous. Not that we have killed Ragnaros heroic yet, but we were very close and just haven’t had time to go back and try now in 4.3

I didn’t know much about the Dragon Soul raid before it went live and we went in there, first in Looking For Raid which was too easy, then next day normal guild run.

The first four bosses were very easy and simple, they don’t have many mechanics and it’s not much you have to do or remember, just dps/heal/tank + like one more thing. Dragon Soul is actually very moonkin friendly, more than Firelands was cause of all the movement, target switch which means dps loss. But in Dragon Soul as moonkin I was very happy with the fights.

Morchok and the movement there wasn’t a problem at all as you can dps while you’re behind those pillars and put up dots if you’re running to an orb or just use travel form to get there faster. This boss was also very easy so we one-shotted him.

Warlord Zon’ozz has a bit of movement if you have to move to reach the ball and when you have to stack on melee for phase two. But that’s about it, so most of the time you’ll be able to just stand still and nuke. It took us some tries to get him down cause the tank kept dying and melee didn’t move properly out when they were supposed to so the ball could hit the boss.

Yor’sahj was a lot of fun as moonkin. You start dpsing the boss, then just stampeding roar or dash to get to the globules faster. But the fun part is the other adds which spawn near the boss and you have to AoE. Try being in Solar Eclipse and detonate your Wild Mushrooms, oh how much I love them! If it wasn’t for the fps lag (yes I need a new computer) then my dps would have been much higher on this boss. Fun and easy boss as long as you know which globule to kill and call it out early so you got time to dps them down.

Hagara was more annoying as moonkin cause there is so much movement and target switching. But then it’s good to have Stampeding Roar and dots. This boss is actually a bit fun cause there is more than one thing to think about, still not hard. I think we got her down on first try with a few deaths.

Ultraxion is very straight forward just stacking up, dpsing the boss and using the special ability at the correct time. We wiped a couple of times cause people didn’t use their special ability when they were supposed to and we lost too many, but we got him down when they finally managed to stay alive.

Warmaster Blackhorn was a surprisingly easy fight, we almost had him on first try, but too many dps and healers died in the end so we wiped and got him on next try. Great as moonkin cause there are so many targets to dot up. Easy but still a fun fight, I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll be like on heroic.

Spine of Deathwing was a bit trickier than the previous bosses cause it took us a while before people started to dps the right targets and stop when they were told to. Kind of annoying fight cause I felt like I couldn’t do very much as there weren’t many targets to dps. Might be better on heroic.

Madness of Deathwing is very simple but still so much fun cause there is always something to do. I kept dots up on both Deathwing’s arm and the tentacle all the time while dpsing the tentacle, then switch to the Elementium Bolt when it’s targetable, back to tentacle and then his arm again. Already placed Wild Mushrooms so I could detonate them when the adds spawned and had Starfall ready to get them down fast. I used my cooldowns in the start and one more time I think and then saved them for the last platform which needed some extra damage cause we had to kill the normal adds and the tentacle adds. In second phase I placed Wild Mushrooms out so they were ready for the small adds, dots on the boss at all times, then switch between adds and boss as the adds spawn. The damage taken on this boss is insane so of course I used my Barkskin all the time and especially in the second phase. Barkskin, Dream, Healthstone and Tranquillity helps the healers out a lot.

Some tank deaths, people falling down and dying which I hope is a bug, and random deaths which caused dps loss were what took us around 9 tries to fix before we got him down. Very simple boss, but my favorite so far.

Important things to remember as moonkin in Dragon Soul: Use your Barkskin, Innervate healers early so you can use it twice or more, Tranquillity if raid goes low on health, Thorns on tanks for extra damage (use a macro which gives Thorns to your target’s target), use Stampeding Roar when your raid needs to move.

World of Logs from our raid

I am legendary

I don’t usually brag about things, maybe cause I don’t feel like I have a lot to brag about, so I think I’m allowed to do it this one time. I’m just proud and happy cause I finally got my Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest! I think it took around two months in total, and I wasn’t sure if I would get it this week cause of the Smouldering Essences nerf and we were forced to do 10 man this week and you get less in 10 man, but I got precisely as many as I needed.

The reason we had to do 10 man was that we the last weeks haven’t had enough people or a good enough setup for Ragnaros 25 heroic on Sundays and Tuesdays, so this week we wanted to do two 10 mans instead but some people went and got saved to a pug, so we only had enough for one. But it was a very good group. Our best tanks, two of the best healers and some of our top and best geared dps. I think our best try on Ragnaros 25 heroic was around 40% in phase 4, which means we just hit phase 4 and didn’t really get control of it. But now in 10 man it was much easier to get to phase 4. We got to it with only one meteor which was fairly easy to control and get down, but we ran out of time and had to kill him normal. Our best try was around 26%. I’m sure we would have taken him down if we had more time, but I think we’ll be doing 25 man on Thursday and it might be a setback as it’s harder to control, more people and some people will fail or fuck up. Still hoping for some good tries next week and a kill before 4.3.

So I’m proud of our progress on Ragnaros and that I got the Dragonwrath, it has increased my dps a lot and I’m looking forward to trying it out in next raid. We now have three staffs in the guild. The legendary quest chain has also been very interesting and a lot of fun.

I also had to check WoW Progress and update my character cause it’s always fun to see how your gear is compared to other people and other druids on the realm, in the rest of EU and the world. So I have to admit that I’m a bit proud to now be #1 Druid on Kazzak, #14 on Kazzak and #17 Druid in EU English, #27 Druid in EU (including German, Spanish, French and Russian realms) and #50 Druid in the world!

It might not matter that much or mean anything at all to others, but I think it’s fun to know.

And a small update: Legendary is awesome! My dps is so much higher now, it’s insane! Here are before and after screenshots.



Dragonwrath – Still collecting

I completed the Time Grows Short quest where you have to collect Seething Cinders a few weeks back, so I got the 2nd stage of the staff called Runestaff of Nordrassil which was a nice upgrade from what I had before

I’m now on the final collecting quest Heart of Flame where I have to collect 250 Smouldering Essences and then Heart of Flame from Ragnaros. It will take about 5-6 clears to collect all essences, and then I’ll get the final quest which rewards the legendary staff Dragonwrath.

A mage in the guild is getting his legendary this Tuesday which will be the second staff in the guild.


Ever since we heard about the legendary caster staff there has been a lot of discussion and a bit of drama in our guild about who was getting the first. But as we use loot council our officer team and guild master chose who was getting it. We have some really good casters and the two first ones were pretty obvious, and the third one is me. I never thought I’d be getting a legendary weapon, but this staff really isn’t that hard to get as more than one can be on the quest at the same time, but different stages, so not like Shadowmourne and Val’anyr.

Our warlock started first and has now the second stage of the staff which is an upgrade for most, I’m not sure how much longer it will take before he gets the legendary, maybe a week or more. Our mage is still collecting Seething Cinders. I have just finished the first part in Firelands where you gather focus from the bosses to get the first stage of the staff, the Branch of Nordrassil. It’s not an upgrade for me so I’m not using it at the moment, but waiting for second stage.

The quest chain and storyline is great, it took me extra long cause I wanted to really get into it and know how and why.  I know someone posted a video of the quests on YouTube and MMO-Champion when it was new on PTR but I never watched it cause I wanted to experience it myself, not just watch someone else do it.

I loved the quests in the Nexus, but it was kinda hard at first, cause I died more than a few times. The mobs hurt more than you think and some of them spawned so fast I didn’t have time, or I forgot to eat/drink/heal up. But it was fun also, and after some tries I got through to the final boss in there which was a pain at first cause I can’t interrupt as moonkin, or well, once every minute, and I had to heal myself almost all the time. But I made it after like 3-4 tries by healing myself, dots on the boss, running down the ramp when he casts the fire and rooting and hibernating the adds.

The Firelands part was also a lot of fun, simple and easy. You just have to loot a few items and place them on a specific spot on each boss and then loot it again. But you can’t really do that and focus on dps at the same time, so it can be harder on heroic bosses, but it didn’t take me more than a few tries max so I could go back to dpsing.

When I had the four focuses from the four first bosses I opened the portal to the Anvil of Conflagration and Volcanus the Firelord which is the quest boss you have to kill to get the first stage of the staff.

I’m looking forward to continuing on the quest and recover the rest of the staff. If you need a good guide with info about how to get it and exactly what to do, check out Icy Veins’ guide.