Pugging Highmaul


It was a Tuesday evening a few weeks ago when my boyfriend and I decided to find a last-minute pug to Highmaul normal. He went on his main, the monk tank, I decided to go on my alt, resto shaman. We didn’t have high expectations because it was late Tuesday evening and by then most people have already completed the raids, so we just wanted to find a group that could manage to kill one or two bosses so we could have a chance to get some loot.

We found a group in looking for raid and joined. The first boss went down pretty quick and we continued to the next one who was easy as pie. We went on and the rest of the bosses went down on first try! Even the last one which I didn’t even know tactics for. Who would have thought. I was even lucky enough to get some upgrades.

So I’ve reached my goal of defeating all bosses on normal, but I would like to clear them all on heroic as well. I did 6/7 bosses on heroic with my guild during the Christmas holidays when they arranged a raid for both raiders and socials, I played my druid and it was really fun but much harder than normal. I’ve also tried a heroic pug on my shaman with a few guildies but it didn’t go very well, we only got to the Butcher and had some good tries but we just couldn’t do it. Resto shaman is one of my favorite classes to play in raids.

Progress raids and differences in the guild


The new patch is almost here and to be honest I haven’t had much time to read about it yet but hopefully I’ll get some time to read up on the new bosses before our first raid in Throne of Thunder. I’ve been so busy with my life cause there is a lot new going on at the moment, and I’ve just had time enough to raid two to three times a week.

I missed a lot of first kills in heroic Heart of Fear and a few in heroic Mogu’shan Vaults, but this month our focus has been on heroic modes in Terrace of Endless Spring and I finally got to be there on our first kills of Protectors, Tsulong and Lei Shi. Protectors was my favorite of those three, Lei Shi is kinda annoying and Tsulong is a bit boring, but it was still fun to progress on them. I’m proud of my guild and our progress this tier, they/we’ve done very well and I’m looking forward to see how we’ll do in the new raid.

But raiding with a 25 man guild isn’t just happiness and fun, not always. Because there are 25 people or more there are so many different personalities, people with different thoughts on how to do things and how serious and hardcore we should be, how we should react when people fail etc. It’s usually not a lot of drama or arguing on vent and in guild chat, but some people have a tendency to throw out rude and unnecessary comments when others do something wrong, fail, forget or misunderstand. I do not like that, cause it ruins the mood and I don’t feel like raiding anymore, at least not with people like that. I want us all to be friends and try to say things in a good and helping way even if people fail, cause yelling and complaining won’t help them to better. Now I make it sound like it’s really bad and happens a lot which it doesn’t, but it’s still enough for me.

I wonder how other guilds deal with stuff like this.

Back to raiding


As you might have read here already I’ve been away from raiding for a month from mid December to mid January. At first I missed it and then it felt really nice not to have to worry about the days, what time it is, gear, pots, flasks etc. But I started missing it again after a while. I got back two weeks ago and started raiding again. Everyone had much better gear than me now as they’ve killed quite a few new heroic bosses while I was gone, but I think I performed very well despite my gear being worse than others and not knowing all the tactics as good as them.


It felt nice to be back and progress on Imperial Vizier Zor’lok and Lei Shi. We killed Imperial January 29. and Lei Shi February 5th. Imperial was hard at first cause it took us a while to figure out which tactics worked best for us and for people to learn how to avoid all the rings. Lei Shi was challenging cause of the adds which spawns and how to control them.

I think we’ve done really good this patch, progress wise. Maybe a bit slow in the start, but we picked it up and now we’re realm 5 but we’ve killed 1 more boss than the 4th guild.

We’re not doing Mogu’shan Vaults anymore cause we’re trying to focus on clearing Heart of Fear heroic, only the final boss left. So we decided to make a group for Mogu’shan 10 man heroic, but as usual we’re missing tanks. Plenty of dps and healers. People still need gear from that raid, including me. I just wish people had more time to help, especially tanks, but I guess we can’t really expect anyone to have time on off days. But hopefully we’ll get a good group together every week so people can get their BiS gear.

LFM Twitterland Raiding

It started after Blizzard announced cross-realm real ID raiding earlier this year, people on Twitter talked about all the raids they’d like to run with their fellow Twitter friends and Saz of World of Saz got this great idea about starting Twitterland Raiding where people could plan and find others for raids, exchange real ID etc.

I thought this was a really good idea cause it’s sometimes hard to find people who are up for doing old raids, achievements, heroic modes and transmog runs.

There are now over 370 members and more people are registering every day. Most are from US Alliance and they have been raids like Ulduar, Icecrown Citadel and other old raids regularly for some weeks now. I’m not sure if there has been that many raids on US Horde and even fewer on EU Horde and EU Alliance.

I still haven’t done any raids cause I play Horde on EU, so I’m still waiting for more EU Horde players to join us.

Read more and sign up here!

You can also find Twitterland Raiding on Facebook and of course on Twitter.

Ash vs Dragon Soul: Two new bosses

This last reset has been really good for us in Ash as we got two new bosses down, Warlord Zon’ozz and Hagara the Stormbinder.

We started working on Warlord Zon’ozz 25 heroic on January 12, think we had around 70 tries on him before we got him down on January 22.

It took us a while cause we tried different tactics, groups on the adds, how and when to bounce the Void and healing in shadow phases. It went pretty good when we found the tactic that worked for us. We had some really good tries before we got the perfect one where we killed him. But we’ve still only killed him once, so I wonder how fast we’ll get him down next raid.

As moonkin on this I started on boss with popping almost everything, pre-pot, Berserking, Treants, Starfall, pre-placed Mushrooms, Starfires for Solar, DoTs etc to get out as much damage as possible before 7 bounches and shadow phase. Then I had to go out and stack with my group on a mark where we killed 2 Flails of Go’rath and 3 Eyes of Go’rath. I always use Barkskin in the shadow phase to help healers and I give my Innervate to a healer as I don’t really need it.

After shadow phase we got back to stacking on boss and bouncing the Void, but we took a lot of damage so I had to use my Tranquillity after every 1st shadow phase to help out healers. Besides for that it’s phase one over again, then another shadow phase where it’s exactly the same. But when the boss got close to 10% we got into shadow phase and just nuked the boss. Easy and fun boss when you got the right tactic and everyone knows what to do and when.

After the Warlord Zon’ozz kill on Sunday we called the raid and went to read up and watch videos of Hagara the Stormbinder to prepare for the Tuesday raid. It looked very easy, so even though we were without our main raid leaders and GM the first half of tries, we managed to organize the groups for the lightning phase and how to handle ice phase. It was almost too simple as you in lightning phase just need 4 groups where people line up to link the lightning. In ice phase we had all the ranged and healers in the bubble, healing and dpsing, melee outside dpsing.  The only other things you have to look out for are the iceblocks which we stacked up and AoE’ed down and the ice lance debuffs which you don’t want to get too many of.

This was actually a fun fight cause it’s more than just dps this and that, you actually have to use your eyes and check that you’re standing on the right spot, and watch out for falling ice and the ice going around the platform. It’s also a fairly easy fight as moonkin as there is not that much movement, but there is target switching. First I placed Mushrooms on the boss, pre-potted and Berserking, popped Mushrooms, DoTs, Wrath to Lunar Eclipse, Starfall, Starsurge, Starfires etc till boss went into the next phase. In lightning we first stacked close to the add for healing while dpsing it down, when it was around 30% we went out to our spots to link the lightning, used Barkskin. In ice phase we stacked in the middle and DoTs up on all targets and dpsed them down. There is a lot to do for the healers, so I gave them my Innervate, used Barkskin and helped out with Tranquillity.

I had heard that this fight was easy but I had no idea it was that easy as we got her down on our 10th try.

Good job, everyone! Thanks to Kulagi for frapsing the kills!