Adventures & Secrets

I’ve been on many adventures through my years of playing World of Warcraft and I’ve written about most of them. Everything from secret locations, unique events to easter eggs and references. Some of them are are new but many are old and well know by now, some might have been ruined by the Cataclysm. I’ve tried to collect them all here, but new posts will always be added to the category Adventures & Secrets which you can find here.

I’m always interested in hearing your story and thoughts on the different secrets, so please leave a comment. If you have a blog and write about these topics I’ll be happy to exchange links.

The Whispering Forest
Lake Dumont
Karazhan Crypt
Secrets of Nagrand
Secrets of Darkmoon Island
Secrets of Pandaria
Quel’thalas 1 – Quel’thalas 2
Wetlands farm
Echoes of Lordaeron
Steam Pools Resort
Underwater Goblin Club Room
Easter Eggs
Hidden room in Orgrimmar
The Tauren Village
Zul’Gurub in Karazhan
Tekton and Elwynn Falls
Newman’s Landing
Wetlands Farm

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