Lucid Nightmare

I’ve always loved exploring, discovering secrets and solving riddles, but I haven’t been up to date on all of the Legion secrets. I didn’t know about the Lucid Nightmare mount until very recently, but I like the model and I’ve been hoping to get the Wild Dreamrunner from Val’sharah. Then I read about the Lucid Nightmare mount which looks much cooler and I love that you have to complete a series of challenges to obtain it. I heard it was supposed to be very hard and would take at least 3-4 hours if you were lucky.

So I found a guide and skimmed through it because I thought this one would be way too hard to solve all alone, remembering how difficult some of the clues to the Riddler’s Mind-Worm were. It seemed straightforward and not too hard, so I went for it. Some of the clues were easy, but most weren’t, so I’m glad I had the guide to follow. The mini games were fun, some a bit time-consuming, but I didn’t have any problems.

Then I got to the Endless Halls, a very confusing maze. I read about it and decided to use the Lucid Nightmare Helper addon to try to keep track of the rooms, but it didn’t help that much because I didn’t manage to figure out exactly when I got too far out on one side and ended up on the other side. But I tried to keep track of the orbs I found and it didn’t take me too long to finish the first four, but then I got stuck on the last one for at least an hour until I finally found it. It took me almost four hours, that includes traveling and going back for something I had forgotten.

Do you have the Lucid Nightmare mount? What are your thoughts on the challenge?


8 thoughts on “Lucid Nightmare

  1. It is a cool mount and I got it a couple of months back using a guide … I am not sure I would have worked any of the clues without it. The maze wasn’t too bad, I mapped it myself by not picking any of the orbs until I had connected everything together.

    1. Smart. I was stuck with the yellow orb for an hour and that’s when I thought maybe it would have been smarter to wait, like you did. Cause I just ran around almost randomly for a while until I figured out exactly where the room with the yellow orb was because I kept coming back to it.

  2. I like the mount. I dislike the challenge. But it’s the nature of it I dislike, I do not think it belongs in WoW. But I applaud those who discovered it, I imagine it has been a lot of fun to do!

    I would love to see a challenge that is more to the average player :)

    1. I know what you mean. I don’t understand how they managed to solve all the clues, because my brain could never do that. But I love challenges. I remember trying to find a way to open the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron and figuring out how the faerie dragons in the Whispering Forest worked and why they were there. But this challenge was much harder. It was fun now when I could use a guide, but I wish there were other challenges were you could do it without a guide, just with clues from the game that most players who have played a while could solve.

  3. I love that mount Syrco. It is SOOOO PRETTY. That maze also took me ages, but I mapped it out old style… I disagree with Alunaria, I love the challenge, I don’t know how people solved it but I am thrilled that they did!

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