Diablo 3: Necromancer

Wizard has always been my favorite class in Diablo 3. I have played most of the other classes but kept going back to the wizard. So I made a new wizard every season just to get my favorite set, the Firebird’s Finery, and everything else I needed to be the best I could. Wizard was fun but I wanted something new to do. So I was so excited to hear that the necromancer would come to Diablo 3 and I bought the Rise of the Necromancer pack as soon as it released. I have played Diablo 2 many years ago so I might have played the necromancer then but as I don’t really remember it that well it felt like an all new experience.

I leveled up fast and started collecting gear to figure out which set I wanted and which skills I prefered. It didn’t take me long to find my favorite set, the Bones of Rathma, with Jesseth Arms. Then season 11 was announced and the Bones of Rathma set would be in this season’s Haedrig’s Gift. So season 11 was the first time I started as a something other than a wizard.

I have had a lot of time to play this season and I’m currently paragon 617 and my best Greater Rift Solo is 80 which I’m quite happy about. My goal isn’t to become the best in the world, just to have fun and challenge myself.

Have you played the necromancer yet?

2 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Necromancer

  1. SYRCO I miss you where you now?! I just got back on blogging.. so I might have owed you a post for the Liebster award as well I have so much to catch up on especially ingame. Hope to talk to you soon. Take care!

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