Rushing through Hellfire Citadel


I’m impressed with the progress we’ve had in the guild this month in Fluffy Kittens of Doom. We have killed three new heroic bosses in 9 days and we had a fourth one, Mannoroth on 1% last raid. Xhul’horac took a while to master because we didn’t have enough space on the platform by the time we got to the final phase. After a while we found a tactic that worked for us and we got control of the final phase, then it was a kill and we one-shotted him the week after. Socrethar the Eternal and Tyrant Velhari were the two other bosses we got down last week. They didn’t take us that long but I’m not sure how easily they will go down next reset.

Other bosses we still struggled with sometimes are Fel Lord Zakuun and Shadow-Lord Iskar. Sometimes they go down easily, other times they take us a while. It depends a lot on our raid setup because our raid group is usually very small, like 10-15 people, and sometimes one of our best damage dealers have to off tank because we don’t have a second tank, so we lose some damage there. We also got a bunch of new people who are trying to learn the bosses and gearing up, so we can’t expect so much from them yet.

Hopefully all the bosses up to Mannoroth will go down easily next reset so we can kill Mannoroth himself.

By the way.. We are looking for more people to join our guild and raids. So if you understand Norwegian, play Horde, preferably on Stormscale (EU) and got around 680-700 item level, then you’re welcome to join us.

One thought on “Rushing through Hellfire Citadel

  1. Such a great guild name lol

    Congrats on the progress! It’s so great when you can get a few bosses down in one night. It’s very uplifting for the team as a whole. :)

    With Xhul’horac, if someone has a personal CD they can use and they are away from otherplayers, they can deliberately explode an area to give you more space. So if you have a lot of green fire, the person who gets the Void fire on them can drop it either on or right next to the green to force the explosion. It gives you more room to play with. Much safer to do at the start of the fight, but it can really help! Just got to make sure everyone else is far away so they don’t take the damage. Hunters are really great for being able to do this.

    Good luck with Mannoroth!

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