Exploring Tanaan Jungle and 6.2


I didn’t really know what to expect when I reactivated my account for patch 6.2 because I wasn’t planning to raid, still don’t have a real guild to call home or a team to play rated battlegrounds with. But I have my boyfriend and some other friends who I play with. I think having someone to play with makes the game so much more fun. I never read about the patch, so almost everything was new for me when I logged in on patch day.


I built the shipyard and went to Tanaan Jungle. It was fun to have a whole new zone to explore, quests to do and treasures to find. I’m trying to do the daily quests every day but I don’t always have time for it but I’m sure I’ll reach revered with the three factions eventually. Besides the reputation I still have left to do some bonus objectives and some quests in Nagrand to complete the Draenor Pathfinder (flying) achievement.


I haven’t killed any bosses in Hellfire Citadel yet. But I raided Blackrock Foundry heroic on my resto shaman last week and it was actually a bit fun. Not so fun that I would like to start raiding again, but I could maybe raid casual once per week with friends. So maybe we’ll go for some of the new bosses next time.


I’ve geared up my druid in Ashran which was very fast and easy. First we just killed rare mobs for fragments which we turned in and got tons of honor to buy gear. Then we did the events and boss kill for Conquest and boxes. Maybe I’ll gear up my shaman next.

What have you done so far in 6.2?


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