Looking for a reason to log in


Earlier this week Blizzard Watch posted a breakfast topic called When’s it time to walk away from a game? which made me think a lot about how little I’ve played WoW recently. Right now I don’t remember when I last logged in, it might have been a week ago or maybe more. The last thing I did was to buy a WoW Token for gold and cancel my subscription because I don’t want to pay real money anymore when I so much gold.

I think there are several reasons to why I don’t play WoW that much anymore. One reason is that I don’t have a guild. The guild I was a social member in stopped raiding so almost everyone left and it went to quiet, there were rarely anyone online. My boyfriend and I went looking for a new guild and we found one but it doesn’t seem like a lot’s going on there either. We were online a lot at first when we joined but there were never more than five or so online and it didn’t look like they got any raids together. We haven’t been online in a while now so I’m not sure how it’s now and I don’t feel like we’ve given them a good chance.


Another reason to why I don’t play so much is that I don’t think there is a lot of fun things to do in-game anymore. I got tired of looking for a rated battleground team in Looking For Group every time I wanted to do some rated battlegrounds and I finished my Nemesis quests in Ashran only to discover that I had totally forgotten about the Highmaul Coliseum which you have to do to get 100 kills or a win if you are to get the Warlord of Draenor title which I wanted. I haven’t played the coliseum yet but I watched my boyfriend do it and I didn’t like how you’re in a raid with everyone there and they can put up mage portals before the match start so you accidentally click them and get ported out from the match, talk to each other before the match starts or how people can group up if they know each other, use some kind of voice chat and easily just kill those not in the team and then let one of their players win. I guess I’ll go back and do it sooner or later, but not right now.

I think Warlords of Draenor is a good expansion and I’ve had a lot of fun leveling my characters, doing everything there is to do in my garrison, exploring, learning about the lore, battling in Ashran and battlegrounds it’s just that I don’t find it that fun anymore and I can’t find anything I really want to do. But there are plenty of things I could do that I haven’t done yet in Draenor or even more things I could go back to previous expansions and do. Like collect new pets, go fishing, finally finish the celestial tournament, kill bosses for mounts, get some new transmog gear or take my first step into Blackrock Foundry. But I just don’t feel like doing any of those things so I don’t want to do it just to do it, just to do something, I want to wait until I really want to and then do it.

It feels like it’s time for a small break, not like I’m going to quit and don’t know when I’m coming back, but just do as I do right now, play less, log in when I want to and play other games as well. I think it would help a lot if I had a guild to play with, that’s what I miss the most.


I installed Diablo III last week. Haven’t played it since last fall before the release of Warlords of Draenor but I played a lot before that. I read up on seasons and created my first seasonal character, a wizard which is level 70 now. I already have a normal wizard at level 70 but I wanted to start from the beginning and relearn it, and I’ll do the same with a demon hunter which is my second favorite class. My boyfriend started playing again as well, so we play together which is really fun because it’s been a while since we played anything together.

I think I’ll just continue to play Diablo for a while and maybe some old games, maybe look for a guild and wait for the day I really want to play again and find a reason to login.

Do you still play WoW regularly or are you struggling to find a reason to log in?

7 thoughts on “Looking for a reason to log in

  1. Not playing atm. to quite similar reasons. But didnt get any wow token to renew it with, so I am not looking for any excuse to login anytime soon. Started playing Counter strike again instead :D And having a lot of fun with that, so dont think I will return again unless there is something really new and exiting :(

    1. There will be new content in patch 6.2, but I don’t know when the patch will be here. Looking forward to it because it’s a bit boring now, nothing to do :P

  2. My story is the opposite, 2 years passed since i last played it, and once I got a token I took my warlock gnome for a spin, he was level 86 or 87 and I had pandaria but didn’t had done much, but i was surprise to level up all the way to 90 on the 1 zone in pandaria.
    Since I have my own guild with,me myself and I, its a very thight group, so I spend some of my time now trying to make some Gold, and do the raids until level 80. I didnt get the WOD expansion, its to soon for me. Also didn’t try the battle pets, its a part of the game I dont have a interest. But I was sad I cant do the Icecrow citadel raid alone, I can kill all the bosses minus the on you need to heal it. So still to much to see and do no pressure and plenty of time.

    1. You got a lot of stuff to do then :) WoD is actually a good expansion so you should definitely get it later. It’s just been too long without any content and I’m so used to playing with a guild and many friends so it’s weird to be without a guild and almost no friends left to play with.

      1. Indeed the part I miss the most are the friend I had, but I am happy now also, since my original post I have done A lot, and definitely thinking about getting the expansion but its a bit expensive 45 €, I wish they could make a pack without the level 90 must to lower the price.

      2. I agree. I didn’t need or want the level 90 boost either but I don’t think they will make a pack without it. So I bought it and used the boost on an alt, haven’t played it since then. Happy with my two favorite classes druid and shaman, don’t need more :P

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