Syrcorax lvl 100


I started playing my warrior again in January and got him to Draenor. But he was stuck in his garrison for a while until I decided to continue to level him earlier this month. I’ve worked a lot this month so I haven’t had much time to play, so he just hit level 100 last week. I leveled together with my boyfriend who leveled his warlock. My warrior is only the third character I level through Draenor but I’m already bored with the dungeons and quests. Luckily it doesn’t take that long to get to level 100.

He has already got a full set of PvP gear from Ashran and Honor points and I’m planning to PvP a lot more. I’m not very good at playing warrior yet, especially not as arms in PvP cause I haven’t PvP as warrior for years. But it has been fun so far.

Do you have a warrior? What spec do you play and do you PvP or PvE? Any tips for me?

3 thoughts on “Syrcorax lvl 100

  1. You may a Gladiator stance – it’s available in a Protection spec, but it’s for DPS :) It’s a very unusual experience, combining survivability of Protection and effective DPS as a normal DPS.

    I never go PvP myself, but it may prove very amusing.

    1. Me myself quitted Arms, so my two warriors are Prot Gladiator and Fury DPSes. Both are very enjoyable and effective in the field and in raids.

    2. I used to raid as fury back in TBC, but I prefer PvP now and I’ve seen how good warriors can be and it made me wanna level up my warrior :D Haven’t tried Gladiator yet but it sounds like fun.

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