My WoW resolutions for 2015


I’ve already posted my blogging and real life resolutions for the new year. Now it’s time for my WoW resolutions!

  • Complete Celestial Tournament Timeless Isle: I still haven’t completed it and I’ve said I would do it so many times already but I kind of hated the Timeless Isle in Mists of Pandaria because I’m on a PvP server and it was horrible. But it’s time to get my butt over there and finally complete it because I think I have the pets for it.
  • Do more PvP and rated battlegrounds: I always complained about not having enough time to PvP back when I was a raider, but now when I don’t raid I should have plenty of time to PvP more. I just wish I had a rated battleground team, maybe I know someone who has a team I can join even if it’s just a more casual one.
  • Defeat all bosses on normal difficulty or higher: I’m not a raider anymore, but I still want to see all the bosses and defeat them. I’ve already cleared Highmaul normal with a pug and I’ve done some bosses on heroic with some guildies and randoms.
  • Get more people from my old guild Ash to join my current guild: I’m currently a social member in Cidien’s guild Quintessence which is a Scandinavian raiding guild on Kazzak. Some of my old guild mates from Ash have already joined but I wish more would join so we could be in the same guild and play more together again.
  • Collect more toys: One can never get enough toys! I don’t have that many but there are so many I would like to get my hands on.
  • Explore every inch of Draenor: I haven’t really had time to go exploring yet, not the way I used to do in the old world before we could fly there. But I want to run around, climb every mountain and dive into every sea to see if there is anything fun there.

What are your WoW resolutions?



One thought on “My WoW resolutions for 2015

  1. I don’t have any because I always break them !
    But things I would like to do this year are get a level 3 Garrison on my alt (ugh I hate levelling though!) and post more USEFUL things on my blog!

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