Nakk the Thunderer


A few days ago my boyfriend and I were in Nagrand looking for the items for the garrison follower Image of Archmage Vargoth when we saw Nakk the Thunderer right in front of us. I thought it was one of those rares who dropped reputation items for Steamwheedle Preservation Society, but my boyfriend said it was a very rare mob who had a 100% chance to drop a mount. So we attacked Nakk and got him down after some minutes. It was very easy as tank and dps because he didn’t hit very hard but he had a lot of HP. We’re now the proud owners of the awesome Bloodhoof Bull mount!


2 thoughts on “Nakk the Thunderer

    1. Var så flaks at vi fikk den :P Det var også veldig tidlig på morgenen, så var ingen andre online i guilden. Du får følge med i LFG, av og til er det noen der som har funnet en av de.

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