Tojo lvl 100


My shaman, Tojo, is now level 100! I leveled as enhancement while questing and restoration in dungeons. I prefer restoration as it has been my main spec for years so it will continue to be my main spec. My boyfriend leveled his death knight with me and he has decided to be a tank, so we’re planning to get some gear through heroic dungeons so we can get into looking for raid soon. I’m a bit nervous about healing heroic dungeons because I’ve seen how much trouble some other healers have had there when I’ve done heroics on my druid, but hopefully it’s not as difficult as it looked then. My gear isn’t very good yet, I’m still using some old level 95 gear pieces but I’ll swap them out as soon as I get something better. I bought the Darkmoon/Inscription trinket Winged Hourglass to boost my item level a little.

Have you leveled up any of your alts yet?

6 thoughts on “Tojo lvl 100

  1. I’ve been Elemental since Wrath, but I went Enhancement to start leveling through Draenor. It’s a huge change, but I’m really enjoying it. Feels weird to replace my high level Elemental Mists epics with 50ilvl lower Enhance greens (lol), but that’s always the nature of the beast.

    Grats on 100!

    1. Thanks :) I’ve played Elemental before and it used to be my off spec for soloing because I could just use my Restoration gear, but I never really liked Elemental, that’s why I wanted to level as Enhancement now in WoD and it was actually really fun.

      1. I’m forgetful with short-term buffs, so keeping Unleash Fury up has been the bane of my existence. Other than that, I’m loving it.

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