5 Fandom Friday: Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me


5 Fandom Friday is a community building project created The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick. Read more about it and how to join here.

There are so many things I wish I had that I would like to get for Christmas, four of my five picks are things I really need. Like the wool underwear because it’s so cold here during winter and it looks great. The ski jacket, pants and hiking boots not because I go skiing or hiking very often, though I want to, but because I can use them to stay warm while walking to work or at work when we’re outside and it’s cold. And the shoes because I need some good shoes for walks and exercise. I don’t really need the Wii U, but I would love to have one because there are so many games I want to play. Some of these things are a bit expensive so I think I’ll have to buy them for myself.


Ski jacket and pantsKari Traa wool underwearAsics shoesHiking bootsWii U

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