First days in Draenor


The launch of Warlords of Draenor clearly didn’t go as expected for Blizzard. It wasn’t as I expected either. I knew it would be latency and that the servers might crash but I had no idea it would be this bad. I was in Blasted Lands a few hours before midnight and half of Kazzak were already there, so it took several minutes to mount up and even longer to kill a mob. Some poor players ran around trying to finish their Blasted Lands quest but it was impossible.


We all bunched up at the Dark Portal, ready to pick up the quest and go through. But the server went down right before midnight because there were too many players in Blasted Lands. It took a while to get back in the game cause of the queue, and when I finally got past the queue Blasted Lands was still down, so you would get stuck on loading screen for 5 minutes or longer when trying to log in before you finally got thrown back to character list.


I kept trying to log on different characters but all of my characters were either in Blasted Lands, Orgrimmar or Shrine of Two Moons. I got instantly teleported to Shrine of Two Moons when I finally got on my character which was in Blasted Lands. This was before Khadgar casted Mirror Image to place himself in the major cities, so I had to get back to Blasted Lands to speak to him. I think I went back twice or three times and got teleported to Shrine again every time. So we decided to do a few dungeons just to get started but it wasn’t exactly very fun to just do the same dungeon over and over again.


I think it was around 2:30 am when I finally got to Draenor and we finally got to start on the quests in Tanaan Jungle. Questing went fine without any lag or disconnects because most people were in Frostfire Ridge at that time.


Everything worked fine until we got to Frostfire, then we understood what everyone were complaining about. Because there were so much people there, at every quest giver and at every quest spot. It took a good while before we got started on our quests and got to build our Garrison. But it got even worse as we progressed and got to the next quest hub. Some quests were impossible to finish because there were no mobs around, it seemed like it took several minutes for them to spawn and when they finally spawned it lagged so much that you couldn’t tag it and before you knew it had already died. Another quest took very long to finish because you couldn’t see further than 5 feet around where you were standing and if you moved too fast you would just run past the mobs because they didn’t get time to phase in because of the lag, so you had to move one step at a time and wait to see if there were any mobs. So it was like we were blind searching for stealthed mobs we only could see if we stood right on top of them. So you can only imagine how long it took for us to finish.


After a while we decided to skip these quests so we went exploring in stead and found a few extra quests on the way which we managed to complete. Garrisons worked at the time so we spent some time there completing missions. Warlords of Draenor had been out for 8 hours when we decided we needed some sleep. We were only level 91 but we couldn’t get further because we couldn’t complete the quests and barely kill a mob.


But it wasn’t much better when we woke up 7 hours later. I tried to get into my Garrison by using the Garrison Hearthstone but got stuck on loading screen for some time before I got disconnected. So I logged back on expecting to find myself where I were when I started casting my Garrison Hearthstone. But I wasn’t there, nor in the Garrison or Shrine of Two Moons. I was in Shadowmoon Valley, falling from the sky before I hit the ground and died. So I ressed there and had a long, nice walk back to Frostfire, picked up a few flight paths on the way and took some screenshots of the beautiful world.

Since then the queues have been really high and I think the longest I’ve been in queue was 7 1/2 hours. But I’ve read about all the updates and improvements they are doing to make it work better so I think it will only get better from now on. This post has been very useful.


So yesterday I finally got to play some, after several hours in queue of course. Even the garrison worked so I spent a lot of time there and at the auction house in Warspear in Ashran. I learned to craft some new glyphs which sold good and I finally got to level 92. There weren’t any latency last night so hopefully everything will go a bit smoother and faster from now on and I won’t spent another three days on the same level.

How were your first days in Draenor?


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