5 Fandom Friday: Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without


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I thought I had a bunch of apps but I really don’t have that many. Of those I have these are my favorites which I use every day.

1. Facebook/Messenger: I use these two apps a lot to see what my friends are up to, chat with them and read up on different news.

2. Twitter: One of my most used apps. I use it to promote my blog and to chat with other bloggers and WoW players,. I’ve met so many great people there.

3. Instagram: I’ve had Instagram since it was new in the app store and none else had it. I follow many interesting people and post pictures every now and then.

4. Yahoo Weather: The best weather app I know of. I use it every day to check today’s weather and the coming days. The weather changes fast and often here.

5. Music: I know I can’t live without music on my iPhone. I listen to audio books almost every night when I go to bed and music when I’m on the bus or walking somewhere.

What are your favorite apps?



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