Bye-bye Pandaria

It has been over two years since Mists of Pandaria was released. I think it was a great expansion because we finally got to explore Pandaria and learn more about the pandaren which I always have found very interesting. But now I’m ready for a new expansion and I can’t wait to explore Draenor and see everything it has in store.

I wanted to say good-bye to Pandaria, so I flew around the continent and took some screenshots.


A watcher on the great wall on the border of Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes


By Yan-Zhe River in Valley of the Four Winds


Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit


Serenity Falls in Jade Forest


Sunset at the Heartland and Verdant Belt in Valley of the Four Winds


Heart of Fear in Dread Wastes


Ruins of Guo Lai in Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Will you miss Pandaria?


One thought on “Bye-bye Pandaria

  1. I totally loved the whole expansion.

    Lore: There was a very tense storyline which introduced new villains (mogu and sha) but at the same time smoothly linked the whole story to major Warcraft line – a clash between Horde/Alliance and the Old Gods. I think they covered the mogu return to power in full, starting with tense (now unavailable to see) attack from the gates to the Vale and then presenting the magnificent raid. Mantid and yaungol seemed to me like a local threat, so I didn’t like them much as it’s clear from the start that they won’t invade anything if not stopped, even the whoe continent of Pandaria itself (and they’re pretty dull, btw, although their civilisations were perfectly developed by Blizz).

    Introduction and leading you through Pandaria: perfect work to present the factions, attitudes, foods, gear, architecture and styles of life for each and every piece of the continent. Pandaren starting zone is one of the best 1-10 level places in all of the Warcraft, and I totally advise to start a Pandaren and play it at least through these 10 levels if you haven’t done that yet (won’t take much time). The overall peacefulness, oriental style and wisdom will be very comforting between the horrors of Cataclysm and the grim clash with the Iron Horde for alts.

    Zones: I liked most of them, but at the same time there were some not comfortable places that you never want to visit again. Dread Wastes are depressing to stay long and Townlong Steppes were extremely dull both through leveling and all its dailies plus being the edge of the world. Logistics in Pandaria were arranged very good, with 2 central hubs of your farm and vale faction shrine from which you have a fast access to each and every place you want. The only drawback here is portal to the Isle of Thunder which could be placed at least near the Wall.

    Very few dungeons, very many scenarios (a feature that I enjoyed much as a give-me-more-lore-focused guy), cool and diverse raids expanding all the major stories – it really felt like what you were doing in Pandaria leads to something big.

    I will miss it of course :) All my chars are having their last peaceful hours at Sunsong Ranch enjoing Pandarian sunsets, tasting their last Pandarian cuisine meals and saying goobye to Tillers who are Best Friends. I will return to this cosy summerhouse.

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