Final To-Do-Before-WoD-List


There are only 6 days until Warlords of Draenor and I’m not prepared yet! I still have a lot of things I would like to do before WoD release.


  • Defeat Garrosh heroic and normal for heirloom weapon on my alts either by finding a group or buying boost
  • Complete the Blasted Lands quests on my alts
  • Level Alliance shaman to 90
  • Level paladin to 60 and use the free boost
  • Level death knight to 90
  • Level rogue to 90
  • Get the Bronze Whelpling pet from Blasted Lands
  • Complete the Brood of Alysrazor achievement and get the Blazing Wings from Darkmoon Faire
  • Clean up banks and bags on all of my characters
  • Sell stuff I don’t need at the auction house
  • Make sure all characters got a bit of gold, flasks, food and pots and are ready for Draenor


  • Fill up the fridge and freezer with food and drinks for both a week of gaming and a birthday party
  • Buy a few things for the apartment and make sure it’s clean and tidy as I don’t want to waste too much time cleaning during the first days of WoD
  • Write a goodbye Pandaria post
  • +++

Are you prepared for Warlords of Draenor?


5 thoughts on “Final To-Do-Before-WoD-List

  1. Depending on how far away from 60 you are, it was a fairly quick level. I am now leveling my second druid (boosted first) and at 76. 14 more levels that I’d like to complete before the 13th. If your speed leveling with heirlooms, don’t forget the Whee! buff from Darkmoon faire.

    On addition, I still want to run revamped UBRS on my healer and tank. So far, only my warlock has completely ran that dungeon. Healer was a dreadful wipefest and tank just hasn’t tried that hard for another attempt.

  2. My bf and I were discussing our “menu” for when WoD comes out. We’re going to do a big shop the night before so the apartment is full of food and we don’t have to go anywhere.

    Where did you get your Bronze Whelpling from? Did you get it from the world drop or did you buy it? I’ve been trying to figure out if the farm is worth it.

    I think my toons are as prepared as they’ll ever be! They could do with another bag clear out, but I doubt I’ll get much of a chance before next week.

    I’m so excited! Less than a week now :D

    1. I bought the Bronze Whelpling at the AH because it was only 4000 gold and I’ve heard people have been farming for hours without getting the pet, so it doesn’t sound like it’s worth it :)

  3. I’m so hyped for the new expansion! :D Have a few things on my to do list before i’m 100% prepared. Me and my bf started preparing yesterday with stocking up with food, not only for the expansion next week but for blizzcon this weekend also :) But I guess it’s gonna be another shopping trip before next week, I think the candy and enerydrinks are totally gone when the weekend ends :P

  4. – I started an amusing and realistic goal to achieve 2-3 weeks ago: all my 10 chars must be Best Friends with all Tillers coming for market, so that their farms was fully equipped and became recreational summer houses. It appeared that I manage to do it just in time for the expansion, and even with perfectionist reputation points of 6/999!
    – After finishing it, write a farewell Halfhill post :=)
    – Will do the last week LFR runs to fill as much 528 slots for alts as possible.
    – Will finish Blasted Lands quests for everyone.
    – Slowly leveling my yesterday-started 11th toon – Draenei shaman – no rush, for fun.

    I don’t think I will rush into Draenor right after the expansion starts. I remember logging in right at the minute of Pandaria launch after Blizzard presentation ended, and that was awful. So many dragons around poor questgiver that I couldn’t even see him; dozens of players nearly fighting each other for quest mobs. So maybe I wait a day, or questing in Draenor would be a disaster from the very start.

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