Roadtrip to our new home

I apologize for not posting more often these last weeks, I’ve just been so busy packing and fixing stuff. We moved this week, from the west coast of Sweden to the west coast of Norway. Back home to Bergen where I’m from. We rented a moving truck in Sweden and my boyfriend’s dad drove all the way up and then back the next day.


It’s usually a 11 hour drive but we spent around 14 hours on the road because of different reasons. Like in Oslo we missed our exit because the GPS was slow and I was asleep so we drove right into the center of the city and a traffic jam due to road works, complete chaos! Think we spent an hour there, moving slower than a turtle before we finally found our way to the right road.

It also took longer than usual because we couldn’t drive top speed with that heavy moving load in the back and we took some breaks a long the way. Some of the most disgusting toilets I’ve ever seen can be found a long the way from Hønefoss to Gol, I’ll never forget the stench and the flies. But there are also some great views along the way.

We continued up through Hallingdal before we finally reached Geilo, which is located halfway between Oslo and Bergen and 800 meters above sea level. Geilo is a perfect spot to take a break and get something to eat. So we ate the best pizza in Norway at Peppes Pizza.

Then we continued through Hardangervidda where the highest point was almost 1300 meters above sea level. It was more snow there than I had imagined it would be in May. You don’t want to drive through Hardangervidda in winter because of the snow and the road might be closed. But the roads were free of snow now and the view was beautiful. By the way: the scenes from the ice planet Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1979) were filmed in Finse, not far from where we were. Imagine the AT-ATs walking around.

The way down was really steep and winding, but we got down in the end and saw some great views along the way. Like Vøringsfossen in Hardanger where you can stand on the edge of a cliff and look 200 meters down in the valley. It’s scary because it’s so far down and nothing between you and the edge. I didn’t go too far out so I didn’t get any photos to show you how far down it is.

After our break at Vøringsfossen we continued down through Måbødalen where the road looks like this:
no-nb_blds_01774 001
Photo from Wikipedia

Hardanger was really beautiful!

We crossed the Hardanger bridge which was new in 2013.

I bet there are a thousand tunnels here west in Norway. I know there are many between Voss and Bergen. What was really annoying was that when we got to Voss, there was a sign about a tunnel being closed and you could only pass every half hour. And we were starting to get really tired as we had already spend more time on the road than we thought we would. So we just wanted to get home fast. When we finally got to the closed tunnel it was 22:15 and there was a line in front of the tunnel. Some guy came over to us and told us that the tunnel was closed because of road works and that we had to wait until 23:00 to pass.

Luckily we had brought food and drinks to have a long the way, so we sat and waited until they opened. Then we drove for maybe another hour before we finally reached our destination! But we couldn’t go to bed until we had emptied the truck which took another half hour or so, then we got something to eat and went to bed.

It’s the longest drive I’ve ever been on. I know we could have chosen a shorter route but it was fun to drive the route we chose because there were so many great sights a long the way.

By the way: I’ve been thinking a bit about writing more personal posts, like this one, every once in a while. But I’ll still write about WoW and maybe Diablo III as well. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I’m also wondering: Have you ever been to Norway?


9 thoughts on “Roadtrip to our new home

  1. Wow that is some gorgeous scenery!! I am so glad I was not driving that windy road though, it may have been the end of my tolerance levels!!

    Glad you are back home safe and sound and I for one love personal posts as much as WoW related ones as it gives a little insight into the blogger :)

    1. Thanks :D Yeah, I wouldn’t want to drive down there either. Was a bit worried about the breaks on the car, because you have to go really slow on low gear and not break too much. It was amazing to see everything we saw, I wish I could show you for real, because these pictures will never be good enough to show how it really is and how it feels to be there. Especially when we were on the edge of that cliff looking down, super scary! I know people have died there, which is sad, but one has to be really careful..

  2. It was wonderful to see all those pictures, my husband walked by and wanted to see them all too. Really interesting as I’ve never been to Norway.

    Like Dragonray I like personal posts too, it’s always nice to get to know the person behind the characters.

    1. Thanks :D I think the pictures were great, but not even the greatest picture can capture how it was to see everything in real life :P

  3. Lovely pics and those roads sheesh I’m not sure if I’d want to drive down them – so winding! I’m moving house in a couple of weeks and am bored of packing already :( I’m in agreement with the people above – nothing wrong with personal posts.

    1. Thanks :D I’m just happy I didn’t have to drive, not that I can, but I wouldn’t want to :P Oh, you moving far? I hate packing.. :P Still unpacking stuff here, can’t find a place for everything. Don’t have a new apartment yet, so we’re living in the top floor of my mother’s house till we get our own apartment.

      1. Fortunately were only moving a couple of miles – just hopping to the other side of the area we’re living in currently. I can’t decide what’s worse – the thought of packing or unpacking! Ah right, will you be living out fo boxes for a while then?

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