My Garrison Wishlist

What do you want to see in your garrison?

It was a WoW Insider Breakfast Topic a while back and I read about it in a post called My Garrison Wishlist on the Harpy’s Nest the other day which made me think what I would like to have in my garrison.

1. Racial architecture: It would be great if we were able to have racial architecture so if you’re a tauren your garrison will consist of tauren buildings and design.

2. Target dummies: I really want my own target dummy and it would be awesome if we could choose what it looks like, like we made it ourselves.


3. Pet house and mount stables: A place where your mounts and battle pets live so you can see them all playing, sleeping, running around etc.

4. Inn and innkeeper with mailbox, beds for guests, a bar and restaurant/kitchen and a Hearthstone game.

5. Music in form of regular live concerts or a jukebox which allows you to play different soundtracks from WoW and maybe other Blizzard Games.


6. My own personal house with a bed, hot tub, a butler, fireplace, library, toyroom and a room like the barbershop where you can customize your looks.

7. Armory: For weapon and armor storage. I bet I’m not alone about having a full bank and void storage, so it would be great to have my own armory.

8. Garden with flowers, trees, maybe fountains or a pond, and maybe a small farm. You can buy seeds, plant and create your own personal garden.

These eight ideas are just some of the things I would like to see.

What do you want to see in your garrison?


3 thoughts on “My Garrison Wishlist

  1. I would really like to see most of those things too – pets (which you can actually see!), a garden/farm, a tillers-style house with a hearthstone / bed etc, a tabard storage cupboard of some kind, a food/drink vendor or chef or kitchen (I haven’t thought that through but it’d be cool!) and a storage facility – bank, safety deposit etc etc

  2. I would like to see at least 3 races. Were you get to pick Human / Panderan, or Orc / Panderan depending on faction. I think this is a great compromise between only Orc / Human and blizz having to do 500-600 building models ( which I don’t think will happen). I just have a hard time seeing a belf build an orc base… or a nelf human… Panderan seems a decent compromise since it’s neutral…

  3. Just passing through and found your blog.. Looks like you might be getting some of your wishes with the 6.1 patch coming up.. I know I’ve stored one lore item in my Inn, i’d be nice if, like you said, we could ‘share’ more of those items there. The walls are currently decorated with someone elses weapons.. Instead of ‘armory’, I’d love a xmog manikin setup. Show off the various ‘outfits’ that this alt has. “I feel blue today, let’s put this on (picks up ‘Admiral’s Hat’).” Rest of outfit appears.

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