Solstice Challenge: Day 1-4

Matty wrote a post a few days ago, about how the fall and winter can be dark and sad, and has now started a challenge where the topic is light:

Twenty-One Days, starting today, December 1, of things in Azeroth of Light Screenshots, from now until December 21. This works for both sides of the equator, seeing how we’re getting darker days in the North, the South is getting lighter. The only hitch I will add is you have to add a caption or haiku to your screenshot. The topic/theme is light, and all its incarnations.

It’s already December 4th and soon it’ll be Christmas. I used to love Christmas but not so much anymore. There are several reasons for that, and it’s not only because of the holidays but because of the cold and dark weather. It’s so much harder to get up in the morning when it’s dark as night and the sun doesn’t rise until 8am. And it’s not fun when the sun sets at 3:30pm either. It’s not fun either when it takes forever to get dressed because you need layers of wool and warm clothes so you don’t freeze to death when going outside. And if that isn’t enough the car is covered in ice and it takes forever to get it off. And if you walk in stead of taking the car, then it’s ice everywhere and it takes all of your focus to not fall on your butt.

I don’t hate winter but I wish it wasn’t so dark and cold, and if it first has to be cold, then I want real snow, not ice or wet and slushy snow.

But what makes it all better when it’s dark and cold outside and you feel a little down, is to light some candles, or maybe the fireplace, make a cup of hot cocoa, read a good book or watch a fun movie.

Day 1 – Northern Lights in Dragonblight


But these northern lights have this peculiar nature, that the darker the night is, the brighter they seem; and they always appear at night but never by day, most frequently in the densest darkness and rarely by moonlight. In appearance they resemble a vast flame of fire viewed from a great distance. It also looks as if sharp points were shot from this flame up into the sky; these are of uneven height and in constant motion, now one, now another darting highest; and the light appears to blaze like a living flame.

-From “Konungs Skuggsjá” (The King’s Mirror, Latin: Speculum Regalae), written in 1250, describing the Northern Lights as seen by settlers in Greenland

Day 2 – Moonlight in Dragonblight


Let the moonlight guide you

Day 3 – Rainbow in Sholazar Basin


Then asked Ganglere: What is the path from earth to heaven?

Har answered, laughing: Foolishly do you now ask. Have you not been told that the gods made a bridge from earth to heaven, which is called Bifrost? You must have seen it. It may be that you call it the rainbow. It has three colors, is very strong, and is made with more craft and skill than other structures. Still, however strong it is, it will break when the sons of Muspel come to ride over it, and then they will have to swim their horses over great rivers in order to get on.

Then said Ganglere: The gods did not, it seems to me, build that bridge honestly, if it shall be able to break to pieces, since they could have done so, had they desired.

Then Har answered: The gods are worthy of no blame for this structure. Bifrost is indeed a good bridge, but there is no thing in the world that is able to stand when the sons of Muspel come to the fight.

-Prose Edda/Gylfaginning, Snorri Sturluson

Day 4 – Stained-glass window in Ulduar

stained-glass windows

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.

-Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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