Dress Up – 5. Geek

dressup I’ve been meaning to start on this challenge, created by Batinna, for a long time now but I just haven’t had time until now.

  • You don’t have to transmog the items, only wear it.
  • Buffs doesn’t count.
  • This is not a contest with a prize. This is for fun and to inspire others.

The sets I’ve made might not be a full or real transmog set because I might mix different armor types, use poor or common quality items and I might not always find items for all slots. I’ll use what I can find cheap on the auction house or items I’ve already got because I don’t have a lot of gold to spend on over-expensive items, characters who can craft items for me or time to farm.

5. Geek


  • Mechanized Snow Goggles
  • Razorfen Spaulders
  • Blackmetal Cape
  • Warpwood Bark Vest
  • Formal White Shirt
  • Darkbrand Gloves
  • Blade-Dodging Girdle
  • Darkbrand Leggings
  • Sandals of Sacrifice
  • Arclight Spanner
  • Lord Rottington’s Pressed Wisp Book

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