Thanks to Serendia!

You might have noticed some changes on my blog recently. More specifically, the new background and header. I have earlier spent hours trying to find the perfect theme, background and header. I’ve even tried to create something myself but I’ve never been satisfied about how my blog looks until now.

I want to thank Serendia for the beautiful background and header she made for me!

I noticed her work in the Request a Signature/Wallpaper/Banner-thread on MMO-Champion forums and I checked out her website and what she had made before. I saw some wallpapers and backgrounds that were absolutely stunning so I had to ask if she had time and wanted to take my request, and she said yes! And here it is! It’s exactly what I wanted, the colors, the troll and the moonkin, it’s perfect!

The only thing I miss on the blog now is the Custom Design feature, then I would be able to change the color of the menu bar and the links. But I just can’t afford it right now, so it has to wait.

You can see more of Serendia’s work on her website and on deviantART, you can also find her on Twitter @serendiadotde

Let me know what you think in the comments below :D


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