Yesterday, my boyfriend and I, were running around Timeless Isle looking for rares when we ran past Master Kukuru’s cave. There are plenty of locked chests in his cave and you have to buy keys from him to open them. My boyfriend told me there was a low chance to get a pet called Bonkers, and he had spent a number of keys before but never gotten the pet. I’d never tried it before so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m not sure how many keys I used, maybe 5, and there it was. Bonkers! And directly after, my boyfriend also got it. Guess it was our lucky day!





2 thoughts on “Bonkers!

  1. Gratz! I got my Bonkers fairly easily too. Quick tip (in case you arent aware) – don’t spend any more keys thinking you can get multiple Bonkers to sell – doesnt work as one of my guildies found out to their expense!

    1. Thanks :) I didn’t know until I read it on Wowhead :P But I had already bought like 20 keys and got Bonkers on my 5th or so, so had to spend the rest :/

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