My computer is sick

I’ve had some major computer problems this weekend.

My Asus G74S worked perfectly until it started freezing when playing games like WoW and Hearthstone and games/programs which uses Adobe Flash Player. At first they made my computer screen go black and then back to normal and I got the message “Display driver ……………….. stopped responding and has recovered”. But then it continued to happen over and over again until the computer froze or I restarted my computer, and I had to hard restart it if it froze. Sometimes I got a message that Flash Player had stopped working.

I’m not very skilled when it comes to fixing computers and problems but I’ve googled and tried everything I could come up with. I’ve tried to update drivers, use old versions, restore my computer to factory settings, clean install of Windows and much more, but I’m not sure if it did any good. Flash programs and games still freeze and crash my computer at random times, but I can survive without that for a while, it might also be the games that are bugged and not my computer, at least I got a clean install now. It takes forever to install all the updates to Windows 7 and everything else I need, and I’m not done yet. I hope I don’t have to do it again, ever.

Help is welcome if anyone out there know what the problem might be and how to fix it.


6 thoughts on “My computer is sick

  1. I’m guessing that it is a hardware failure.
    Could be that the computer is getting to warm, try to use air on can (luft på burk) and clean the vents with that.

    1. I doubt it’s too warm when I play a game on Facebook and it happens :P And I’ve already done that, I do it regularly. I thought this computer with air vents in the back had better ventilation than other computers, that’s why I bought this one.

      1. Then it seems even more to be a hardware problem.
        Is it new enough to still have valid warranty?
        As it is a laptop you cannot change so much in it, but if you can, try to switch the memory modules.

        Worst case scenario, you have to buy a new computer, but lets hops that is not the case.

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