Ready for BlizzCon!


Yay! So it’s finally time for BlizzCon again! Two years since last time. I’m really jealous of all you guys who are at BlizzCon, I live in Sweden and I’m not rich, so I can’t afford to travel to Los Angeles, so I’ll be watching the live stream from my comfy couch. I hope that one year I’ll be able to go, maybe with a couple of other bloggers or Twitter friends from Europe, would love to see everything live, meet people, go to a party, maybe meet some famous Blizzard guys (woohoo) and dress up like a moonkin and dance the moonkin dance in front of everyone (maybe….)


Actually my boyfriend bought the live stream ticket with his account this year because he’s never seen BlizzCon and he doesn’t have any of the previous pets, so he got Murkalot this year and he’s very happy with him and his performance in pet battles. We went shopping earlier so we’ll last all night and tomorrow night as well. Bought plenty of food, stuff with sugar and caffeine. Not very different from what we buy when we’re preparing for expansion and days of leveling, just a bit less.


I’m really excited about this year’s BlizzCon because of everything they’ve written on MMO-Champion, rumors about the new WoW expansion, can’t wait to know! I’m also looking forward to hear more about the Diablo 3 expansion because I’ll definitely play it more when they remove that stupid auction house and makes loot better for your class so it’ll be easier to get better gear. And I can’t wait to see the art and sound panel, my favorite panels!


Don’t have time to write more now, have to prepare food, connect my computer to the TV etc, but I’ll be posting on Twitter, @Syrcorax



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