A few weeks of real life inc

We arrived safely in Bergen yesterday evening. After 12 hours of travelling and waiting. It doesn’t really take 12 hours, but there are so few train departures so we didn’t have much of a choice if we wanted to have good enough time and not having to rush around.

So we’ll be away from the game for a few weeks. We’ll miss the patch release. But I’m not worried because our guild stopped raiding and we haven’t found a new one yet. We got one in mind but haven’t applied, might do it soon, but it’s good to not have to worry anymore. I just want to have fun and think about other stuff for a while now. Gonna meet my friends and family who live here, go on some adventures, maybe go fishing, eat good food, play old video games, and go through all my old stuff!

I might log on and take a few screenshots for the challenge if I got time, if not I’ll just catch up on it when I get back.


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