Alt Appreciation: Druid week

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has started this new challenge where we are to celebrate our alts for the next 11 weeks. Every class has its own week and during that week we’ll post something about that class.

I have many good memories from playing a druid and I still got all of my old screenshots.

I was leveling my first character, a male tauren warrior, when I first saw a druid in moonkin form and I knew I just had to level my own druid just to get moonkin form because it looked so funny.

So I created my first druid, another male tauren, named Avondrood which is dutch and means “evening red” or “sunset”. I leveled him and was so happy when I got the moonkin form.


He was my alt till the end of Naxxramas in Wrath of the Lich King when I rerolled to help out my guild. I enjoyed playing balance druid but I didn’t have much experience or gear. But when Ulduar was released I applied to an Alliance guild, this was before faction change so I had to level a new druid. My old druid, Avondrood is still level 80 and wearing his old gear today.


My new druid was a female night elf named Syrco, I raided with her through Ulduar, ToC and ICC.


Faction change was introduced and I wanted to play Horde again, so I applied to Ash and joined them. So my druid became a male tauren.


Time went on, Cataclysm was announced and trolls got to be druids, so I race changed to troll because I wanted to try something different and I wanted the racial cooldown.


It wasn’t that much of a change to be a troll because I spent most of my time in moonkin form. I’m still a troll today but now with the Glyph of Stars because I wanted to see my transmog.


I love being a druid because there are so many different possibilities, I can change form, look different, fly without mount, swim fast, be invisible, dps both as melee and ranged, heal, tank and so much more. My favorite memory from begin a druid is getting the legendary staff, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest, because it took a lot of work and time to kill all those bosses and gather the required items, and it was a great experience.


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