Community Blog Topic: Which race would you like to become playable?


WoW Insider posted an article yesterday about what races would be good candidates for becoming playable in a future expansion

Which race would you like to play in a future expansion? Would they be Alliance or Horde and why? What would be their racials? Do you have any ideas for their jokes and/or flirts?

A race I’d want to become playable is the sons and daughters of Cenarius because I want to learn more about them, the Emerald Dream and Cenarius. The sons and daugthers of Cenarius are already allied with the night elves and they blame the orcs and the Horde for the death of Cenarius and would therefore be part of the Alliance. Those who are part of the Cenarion Circle have proven that it is possible to work well with the tauren and the trolls of the Horde.

The females are called Dryads and the males are called Keepers. Their primary language is Darnassian but they can also speak Common, Low Common and Taur-ahe. They are peaceful by nature and despise violence but they would fight to protect the forests and their allies. They hate magic and want to destroy it. I see them as two classes: Warriors who wield spears and do great damage with them both from ranged and in melee and druids as they are counted among Azeroth’s best healers. But they would need to be more than two classes to become a playable race, but they shouldn’t be a class which uses magic unless it’s nature.

They won’t need a ground mount as they are much faster on their own, but I’m not sure how they will be able to fly.

Possible racials:

  • Immune to magic
  • Take less damage from magic spells
  • Blessing of Cenarius: Increase healing or damage
  • Runspeed or leap
  • Animate trees to attack enemies
  • Throw poisoned spears: Throw a barrage of spears, damage leaves a ticking dot

I don’t know very much about lore, so I’m not sure how anything of this would work out and what the story would be.

What race would you like to become playable?


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