Alt Appreciation: Death Knight week

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has started this new challenge where we are to celebrate our alts for the next 11 weeks. Every class has its own week and during that week we’ll post something about that class.

I can’t say I’m an altoholic, because I don’t play my alts very often. Lately I’ve mostly been playing my main because I haven’t really found time or interest to play my alts. Mostly because I’m so tired of running Looking For Raids and doing battlegrounds without good enough gear. But I have leveled up some of my alts to 90 and not touched them after that, which is sad, but I might play them later when I find the time and interest to do so. But I have actually been leveling a new alt which I’ll tell you more about later.

This week is death knight week!

I first leveled a death knight on the Wrath of the Lich King beta. I thought it was a lot of fun to level in the new area, learn the story about death knights but I didn’t really connect with the playstyle. I did of course level a new death knight on live later. A male tauren on Stormscale EU because this was back when Stormscale was my main realm. I leveled it to 70 but it still didn’t feel like something I would enjoy playing. Today my death knight is still stuck on level 70 and I doubt I’ll ever level it further. But I got another death knight on my current realm, Kazzak, which I leveled with my boyfriend once when we were bored, but it too is stuck on a level and most likely won’t get any further. I’m currently using it as a bank and sell character, so it’s still useful.


My first death knight, level 70, on Stormscale EU


My second death knight, level 60, on Kazzak EU



3 thoughts on “Alt Appreciation: Death Knight week

  1. I leveled my DK to 90 and even did some ToT LFR on him, but I have decided I do not like the play style either. Truthfully, I am partial to my Paladin.

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