New look

I’m never satisfied with the theme I pick for my blog, at least not for long. I don’t know why. I’m always looking for the perfect theme, I try out several hoping one of them will be good, but they’re usually just ok.
I don’t have so many options as my blog is on the free because I don’t know how to set up, set up a domain and all that complicated stuff which comes with it, and I don’t really have a lot of money to spend on it, so this is much easier for me. I’ve been thinking about paying to be able to use the Custom Design which allows you to edit the CSS, fonts and colors, I think I would have been much happier with the themes then because what I’m usually unhappy with is the color of the text and the whole blog itself. The Custom Design is $30 a year so I might be able to afford that soon. I’ve also been thinking about buying a premium theme, but I can’t really find one which I think fits for the blog. I also want a nice background and a header which fits my theme.

I read a lot of blogs and most of them look so good, their design is so pretty and perfect, and they got a nice header, logo and/or background. But most of them host their own blog or pay in some way, or they got help with it. If anyone of you out there would like to help me with my blog, I’d be so happy. Maybe you know someone who’s good at making headers and backgrounds, or maybe you got the perfect theme for me.

Suggestions are welcome :)


7 thoughts on “New look

  1. What you have here looks neat.

    I made the headers for my blog (Questers Anonymous, which you have in your Blogroll). My blog currently rotates between 3 different headers. None of them are anything special; each one took about 10 or 15 minutes max. I could help you make another header for your blog if you want one.

    Side note: I use GIMP for my image editing.

  2. Hey Syrco!

    When I tried out the custom design it was mostly because I wanted to change colours and fonts. It didn’t seem as flexible with CSS as I’d initially hoped because not all of the cool looking fonts were supported by the themes and in the end, the changes I made ended up looking worse than before >.< That's when I looked at premium themes.

    Since you're looking for themes that allow you to customise your blog a little more, the ones which are tagged with custom headers and custom backgrounds will probably work well for you. You could upload your own images for the header and background. In some themes, they come with three different theme options that you could switch between depending on your colour preference (like the "Little Story" premium theme).

    For my blog, I chose my premium theme simply because I liked the colours and the style of posts and knew I wouldn't want to change those. It came with the option of uploading my own custom header if I wanted to. So I made one and that was it. :) So far this has been easier for me than hosting the blog myself or adding on custom design.

    I'm no photoshop whiz but if you'd like help with creating a header or just want to chat about themes, feel free to hit me up! Hope this helps! :)


    1. Thanks :) I looked through the themes here today and didn’t really find anything which was like “wow I really want that theme”, but that’s what I hoped I would find. I’ll look again tomorrow. Might try custom design if I don’t find a theme. How did you create your header?

      1. I made the header entirely in photoshop. The theme recommended a size for the image which would show up well, so I made sure my image size corresponded to it. A friend had some cool fonts so he made the title for me and I used wow model viewer to make little chibis of my healers. Put it all on a transparent background, and uploaded it to the theme. :)

      2. I don’t have Photoshop, but maybe I can try make one in another program after raid tonight :) Not sure if it’ll be any good. Have to get model viewer.

  3. I’m the same with my blog – steadily working towards something perfect with little tweeks here & there. I haven’t done any major changes recently though. Like Acbarberi I use & would highly recommend GIMP.

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