Progress raids and differences in the guild


The new patch is almost here and to be honest I haven’t had much time to read about it yet but hopefully I’ll get some time to read up on the new bosses before our first raid in Throne of Thunder. I’ve been so busy with my life cause there is a lot new going on at the moment, and I’ve just had time enough to raid two to three times a week.

I missed a lot of first kills in heroic Heart of Fear and a few in heroic Mogu’shan Vaults, but this month our focus has been on heroic modes in Terrace of Endless Spring and I finally got to be there on our first kills of Protectors, Tsulong and Lei Shi. Protectors was my favorite of those three, Lei Shi is kinda annoying and Tsulong is a bit boring, but it was still fun to progress on them. I’m proud of my guild and our progress this tier, they/we’ve done very well and I’m looking forward to see how we’ll do in the new raid.

But raiding with a 25 man guild isn’t just happiness and fun, not always. Because there are 25 people or more there are so many different personalities, people with different thoughts on how to do things and how serious and hardcore we should be, how we should react when people fail etc. It’s usually not a lot of drama or arguing on vent and in guild chat, but some people have a tendency to throw out rude and unnecessary comments when others do something wrong, fail, forget or misunderstand. I do not like that, cause it ruins the mood and I don’t feel like raiding anymore, at least not with people like that. I want us all to be friends and try to say things in a good and helping way even if people fail, cause yelling and complaining won’t help them to better. Now I make it sound like it’s really bad and happens a lot which it doesn’t, but it’s still enough for me.

I wonder how other guilds deal with stuff like this.


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