Transform into a panda cub


Lou Lou is a panda cub located near the portal to Pandaria in Orgrimmar. The Alliance counterpart is Meng Meng who can be found near the Pandaria portal in Stormwind. They usually walk around, sit and rest or sleep. But if you /hug, /love, or /pat at them, hearts will appear above their heads and they’ll give you a Magic Bamboo Shoot. This is a unique item which turns you into a panda cub for 10 minutes.

You can cast spells and attack but some say the buff disappears if you take damage.

This might be old news but I didn’t know untill I saw a hunter running around as a panda earlier today and I looked up his buff on Wowhead. But I thought it was fun and wanted to share it with you just in case you didn’t know either.

WoWScrnShot_021613_020034 WoWScrnShot_021613_021718


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