Patch day!

Patch day is finally here on EU realms! I’m really looking forward to the new talents and new abilities cause I think it makes moonkin much more fun to play. I’ve already spent some time leveling up and playing heroics and battlegrounds on the beta, so I’m looking forward to see how it is on live. Account-wide pets and mounts is also great cause I’ve got some mounts I like a lot on characters I rarely play.

What I like the most about the moonkin changes is Wild Charge which I’ve found myself using a lot especially in battlegrounds to jump backwards, like a hunter would use Disengage, and used when not in a form you’ll jump to a friendly target, so I’ve macroed it so I can press it twice and jump to a player.

Astral Communication is also something I’ve been looking forward to cause it allows you to change and control your Lunar or Solar power outside of combat, so you can choose which one you want before the combat starts.

What I’m not looking forward to as much is downloading the patch which usually takes a while and this “reconfiguring game files” which it’s doing right now, looks like it’ll take forever. I think I also have to update most of my addons and maybe fix  them in-game, cause some of them resetted after I updated them yesterday.

I will update my moonkin guide some day when I got time, but if you’re looking for a complete guide right now, check out Icy Veins’ Balance Druid PvE guide for patch 5.0.4.

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