How has WoW changed your life?

This week’s shared topic comes from Effraeti who asks

How has WoW changed your life?

I think I’ve written about a similar topic before but as it’s a shared topic on Blog Azeroth this week, I feel like doing it again and I think it’ll be different.

WoW has changed my life in many ways. I’ve always been interested in games but I’d never played an MMO before but I thought it was amazing that you could play online with people from all over the world, walk around in the game just as you liked and that there were so much you could do like leveling, raiding, questing, PvP, professions, collecting pets etc. It was a whole new experience for me. I had no idea what I wanted to become back then, except for an idea I got when I was 11 and still playing Nintendo 64 which was to become a game designer. I forgot all about that until I started playing WoW and it reminded me how much I love games, how many ideas I’ve got in my head and what I’m good at. Before that people had told me that there were very few succesfull video game companies in Norway and it would be too hard to get a job, they told me my goals were too high and that it was almost impossible to achieve such a dream.

But WoW brought it back to me, stronger than before. It was such a good game with fantastic lore, characters, design, music and everything else, I loved it all and was so impressed with how they’d made it all. For years I ran or flew around in Azeroth exploring every corner of it, trying to imagine how they came up with everything, how they made it and what I would have done different if I could. I bought the collectors editions to get the art books so I could see how it went from a sketch to finished product, and the behind the scenes DVD to watch how they’d made it all. It was so inspiring and I just wanted to apply for a job right there and become one of them. But I’m not good at drawing, painting, 3D modelling or anything else like that. I have a lot of ideas though and it is my dream so I will do what it takes to achieve it whether it’s to get a job here or there, I just want to work with what I love.

WoW has also changed my life in other ways like I’ve become a much better teamplayer, better at communication and understanding languages and better English skills. I’ve also been lucky enough to get to know people who mean a lot to me right now and hopefully always will.

I never thought WoW would affect my life this much, but I’m so happy it did. And I’m still playing so I wonder what will happen next and how my life will turn out.

4 thoughts on “How has WoW changed your life?

  1. One of the main reasons I’ve been playing WoW for so long is the graphics and the vast number of things you can do in the game. That can only get better come Mists :)

  2. I’m glad it had a positive impact on your life Syrco! Do you know, I would never have known that English was NOT your first language until I read this post.

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