Summer is here

You might be wondering what’s going on as it’s so quiet here and on Twitter. Well, right now we’re raiding one night a week, clearing everything in a few hours, and I don’t play much besides that as there isn’t exactly much to do in the game right now. It’s nice with a small break from WoW and more time to play other games like Diablo 3 and do real life stuff.

I guess it’s always like this when summer hits, but especially now with no new content. People are going away on holiday, some are bored with the game, others are playing Diablo 3, some are busy with exams, and most of us are waiting for MoP. At least that’s how it is now in my guild. The question is whether or not we should take a raiding break until MoP so people don’t get disappointed and angry when we don’t have enough people for a raid or if some people don’t want to raid. Cause that has happened a few times and it’s not good when people get upset.

I understand that people want a break now and it’s a good time to take a break cause there is nothing to do. I hope my guild comes to an agreement about what to do soon, so we can all be happy and look forward to MoP.

How’s your guild handling the summer?


One thought on “Summer is here

  1. With my guild people seem to be enjoying our Wednesday Old time raid achivement / mount runs as much as our Sunday / Monday DS runs

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