Syrco – Then and Now

I first read about this new thing over at Manalicious and then I’ve seen plenty of other posts, so I thought I’d try it out aswell cause it’s fun and interesting to look back at old screenshots and see how your character and you as a player has evolved.

But it’s a bit complicated as I’ve changed main a few times, so I will mix this up a bit and include more than one character, so it will be more like how I was and what I played back then and how it is now.

I started in October 2007 as this tauren warrior. I was new to the game and knew nothing about keybindings, UI scale, graphics or addons. But I enjoyed the game.

I hit level 70 in December 2007, started doing PvP and thought I’d try to find a PvE guild to raid with which I found pretty fast. It was a newly started guild so my gear and skills didn’t matter that much. We started raiding Karazhan and continued on to 25 man as we got more people. As we progressed, I learned a lot about the game and my character.


  • Loved running/flying around and exploring every corner of the map
  • Spent most of my online time on off-raid days exploring with the help of “clever use of game mechanics”
  • Played on a 17″ HP Pavilion laptop which was pretty good back then but I didn’t know anything about UI scale and the graphic settings and what fps was until the end of TBC.
  • Learned how to use addons
  • Learned all the warrior basics like stance dancing, what weapons to use, stand behind the boss, remember to use my cooldowns and that charging into a group of Alliance in a BG isn’t very smart.
  • Learned that it was hard to find a heroic group as a fury warrior.
  • Loved Alterac Valley
  • Loved my funny looking Amani Mask of Death (screenshot above)
  • Learned the hard way that guild drama is one of the worst things ever.
  • But I also learned that you can find real and good friends which will become an important part of your life.
  • First met some of the people I’m in guild with now.

So WotLK was announced and I was so excited for my first expansion. I remember the event leading up to it, with everyone getting infected by the plague and how annoying it was not being able to afk anywhere without becoming a zombie, but it was also very fun. I was lucky enough to win a WotLK beta key and after playing and testing the beta, I was even more excited for the new dungeons and raids.

I continued playing my warrior in the start which I still loved, but rerolled druid to get a raiding spot in a guild and raided end of Naxxramas and Ulduar as moonkin. It was new to me to play a ranged dps and I admit I wasn’t that good at it at first, but moonkin was so different back then and very easy to learn so I became much better as we progressed through Ulduar. Ulduar was amazing and still is my favorite raid and the best bosses so far.

But after we cleared Ulduar I didn’t really feel like I fitted in in the guild I was in and most of my old friends had moved to different server, stopped playing or we had just lost contact. I had some friends who played Alliance on the same server, so I decided to reroll and play with them. This was before it was possible to faction change so I created a new druid, got to level 80, geared up and raided with them in Ulduar, ToC and half ICC.

I had a great time on the Alliance side, but I missed playing Horde and as time passed and things changed in the guild I felt like it wasn’t the place for me to be anymore. I decided I’d look for a new guild on the Horde side and one of the first guilds I checked was risen or old Ash I was in as a social member in the end of TBC. A group of Scandinavian players, the most friendly and social people I’ve ever met in the game. They remembered me and said I was more than welcome to join them, so I faction changed and started raiding with them and I’ve been there since.

In WotLK I:

  • Learned to play a moonkin
  • Learned that too many addons is not good for my computer
  • Raided 5 days a week
  • Played Alliance for the first time
  • Found out I’m Horde at heart and always will be
  • Joined the guild which I’m still in and love
  • Achieved something I’m still proud of like the Immortal title and Black Proto Drake, Bane of the Fallen Warrior title and Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher mount.
  • Became interested in lore mostly because of the norse mythology in WotLK

As Cataclysm approached I race changed to troll for the racial buff and to be an orange moonkin but I miss being a tauren cause they are my favorite race. I leveled up and cleared all content with the guild. I even got to know some of them much better cause of the 2-3 guild meetings they arrange every year. There is no better guild.

In Cataclysm I:

  • Race changed from tauren to troll
  • Started PvPing more
  • Took up exploring again
  • Got my first legendary
  • Got many new friends in-game
  • Had over 100k gold for the first time
  • Became a better healer on my resto shaman in both PvP and PvE alt raids
  • Got reminded that I don’t really like arena that much
  • Tried rated BGs which I loved and got 1700 rating and Blood Guard but I’d still love to go higher

So I went from being a noob which for years couldn’t find a guild to be happy in to a much better player who couldn’t be happier with the guild. I’ve had 4 different computers, 3 of them being laptops. I’ve been raided with 4 different guilds. And I’ve tried many different races and classes, even both factions but I know Horde is my faction, my favorite race is tauren, and the classes I enjoy playing the most are druid, shaman and warrior. But I’m still an explorer and adventurer, I’m still learning a lot in both PvE and PvP, I’m still taking loads of screenshots, and I still love moonkin cause they’re fat, fuzzy, cute and funny looking.


4 thoughts on “Syrco – Then and Now

  1. Helo m8 (I use m8 about every1)! I’ve been reading this blog for a while, and it is great! I only got one question: In the comment section, are we supposted to just leave a short comment to the theme, or is the point to tell our story and add link for pictures? Booth?

    Im wandering what people care about, because there is no point in posting comments that no one would care about.

    From a Norwegian fan (I’ll keep it in English).

    1. Hey there :) Thanks! Just comment with whatever you want, either it be feedback to what I wrote, your own opinion, your story or anything you want :) I’m always happy for comments and to know what the readers think or maybe how they were then and how they are now. Or maybe if you got your own blog and wrote about the same topic you can put a link to it in a comment.

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