Druids are shapeshifters and meant to be in forms

We have been talking about this for ages, it has always been a popular topic among druids, we have been discussing, arguing and complaining. Especially after Bear and Cat Form got redesigned in patch 3.2.0 Call of the Crusade and the new Tree of Life model in Cataclysm.

The bears and cats were happy with their new looks, some resto druids were happy when they got the Glyph of Treant which gave back the old treant form and some are still unhappy about Tree of Life being a cooldown.

We know now that Aquatic and Travel form will get a glyph which gives a new model of an Orca and a Stag. This is most likely just to keep us happy untill they got time to redesign the old forms.

Opinions are split when it comes to Moonkin Form. Some people want to be able to play balance in caster form cause they don’t like the Moonkin Form or they want their gear to show now with the new transmogrification. Blizzard gave in and gave them Glyph of  Stars which gives your caster form an astral glow. I wish they didn’t make that glyph, I wish they did so you had to be in Moonkin Form to cast certain balance spells like Starfall and Starsurge in addition to the buffs it gives you, then you couldn’t use some glyph to remove the Moonkin Form. And now when they’re on the roll, why not ruin druids more and give us a glyph which makes bears and cats able to claw, rip and swipe in caster form.

I won’t use the glyph to remove my beloved Moonkin Form, and people like me won’t let Blizzard trick us with some glyph, cause we want them to redesign Moonkin Form like they did with bear and cat form.

I’ve always wanted to be able to choose a different color for my moonkin and I’ve seen the different moonkins, owlkins and owlbeasts in Azeroth. I think each druid race should have a unique look, like different horns, size or some kind of markings so you know by looking at their Moonkin Form that this is a tauren/night elf/troll/worgen. Taurens got cow horns, night elves those markings in their face, trolls got tusks, worgens got wolf ears.

I think people who don’t like Moonkin Form cause it’s a moonkin, not cause it’s old and not updated, should read a bit about what moonkin are, then they’ll understand why you take the form of a moonkin.

From wowpedia.com:

Moonkin are related to the wildkin, though it is not clear what differences there are between them, or if “moonkin” is just another name for wildkin.

So what are wildkin?

The priests of Elune see the wildkin as imbued with the spirit and strength of the Moon Goddess, and the druids see them as guardians and protectors of nature.

Some night elf scholars claim that wildkin are the creation and favored pets of Elune. They claim that Elune created the first wildkin in the early days of the world to serve as guardians to Cenarius. Desiring a creature of might to claim as her own and disenchanted with the violence of wolves, Elune combined the best traits of her beloved night birds, the owls, with the brute force of benevolent bears. The result: a swift, elegant, and fiercely loyal hunter. Regardless of their origins, wildkin have been the beloved allies of night elf druids of the wild and ancients alike since the time of the War of the Ancients.

It makes sense now, doesn’t it? It’s in the lore, we’re druids, we’ve been worshipping Elune for over 14,000 years and we should be honored to be able to take shape of something she created herself. It’s a shame and dishonor how some people talk about the moonkin form.

Players thoughts from “Allow me to play as Balance without looking ridiculous” EU forums

  • I was not born into a beautiful night elf to spend my waking hours in the form of a moonkinowlbeast
  • Allow us to master Balance without being condemned to the chicken-owlbeast
  • personally for me, and for many others, it is enough to make us keep away from balance entirely
  • I can’t bear to look like a fat bear-owl-deer when the night elf model get updated animations and graphics.
  • The moonkin form is the only reason ive never played balance, it just looks aweful
  • my alt was specced Balance but I just couldn’t deal with the fat owl. It’s perplexed me since it was introduced in 1.8 – it’s ugly and never seemed to fit with Druid lore
  • I 100% agree with this, not only does it look silly, but it also stops people from playing as balance.
  • i love that fat cuddly owl form! its unique!! you guys all want to be monotone… you druids are boooring!
  • Just want to add, that the ugly form is one of the main reasons i refuse to play my druid further.
  • Would be nice if you could see bits of your armour on the form but removing it completely would just be annoying, removing tree of life as a form made me quit playing my resto druid
  • Then Moonkin form should be made a lot more appealing to the eye and integrated as a proper form rather than a stupid pointless and ugly re-skin which puts a lot of people off, including myself.
  • Resto was fixed in cata, now its balances turn.
  • dont understand why you play a druid if you don’t like shapeshifting?
  • I have 2 druids now. Both boomkins. I only play it because of the look of it.
  • Turning Moonkin form into a CD will just put me off Balance like making Tree Form a cd put me off resto
  • Or how about simply updating the Boomkin form and make it visually more appealing tbh?
  • i like my boomchicken form on my druid… have been balance on it for like 4/5 years …..it’s not any less silly than a bear someone managing to keep all aggro….. a turtle would make more sense for tanking…. a snapjaw turtle
  • The whole reason why i play a druid is because of the shapeshift, and the one of the resons why i love balance is because of the form <3 i don’t wanna be a mage/lock in leather i wanna be a space chicken! Plz dont main stream balance, i wanna be special. I wanna be the tall, fat chicken with horns.
  • Agree, the moonkin form is really ugly, and it’s kept me from playing balance – tho I really like the spec.
  • the moonkin form is why i play as a druid . no moonkin form = delete druid char .
  • Blizzard don’t be F****** stupid listening to whiners, they can go to another class. CLASSES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE UNIQUE. AND MOONKIN IS UNIQUE ABOUT BALANCE DRUIDS.
  • I have a hard time understanding people who play a druid but don’t want to shapeshift..
  • Removing shapeshifting, tree of life as cooldown and these glyphs, is like not being a druid anymore.
  • I also cannot describe how much I hate moonkin form.
  • I hope the difference between druids in the future won’t be that the druid that is close and beating you melee with a staff is a feral and the one that we see casting is a boomkin…

As you can see, people’s opinions are split, we all got different opinions and that’s ok. But I think that if you dislike the moonkin form that much, don’t play balance, don’t play a druid. Looks aren’t everything and if how it looks keeps you from playing it, then it’s your own fault and you don’t want to play it enough.

Each spec has their form which gives them extra buffs and we shouldn’t be able to choose if we want to use it or not. We druids are shapeshifters, we wouldn’t be real druids without shapeshifting.

I’m starting to think all these minor glyphs are made to stop people from whining, so Blizzard don’t have to listen, read and respond to more posts on forums. Glyphs seems to be the solution to everything. But I fear they will go too far with these glyphs and ruin what I love about this game and druids, that you’ll be able to choose too much, like looks and forms just by using a glyph. Looks should be customized in the barber shop, but only things like hair/horn/fur color/style/shape.

People are also talking about a new form for balance druids, some say they want the form Malfurion has. How can you compare yourself with Malfurion the first mortal druid of all time and the greatest arch druid?

I don’t want them to make moonkin form a cooldown like they did with tree of life either. I used to enjoy playing resto in WotLK, before the tree of life change, I miss permantent treant form and wish resto druids still had to be in the form to heal. I might consider rerolling if that happens to moonkin form, because I created a druid so I could play a moonkin and I’m loving it. I don’t wanna be like everyone else, just another caster, I wanna be a shapeshifter, take different forms, that’s what we’re meant to do, that’s what druids are all about.

I had a poll here on my blog last year about what you wanted them to do about Moonkin Form, read the results here. As you can see even people in my circle, WoW bloggers and Twitter followers have different opinions.

So a few days ago we got this answer from Blizzard:

Moonkin Form Model Update

I think they deserve a revamp, though, same as cats and bears got.

Well, we agree. And this is why an improved moonkin model is indeed in the schedule. But alas I have no due date to announce. In the meantime, we hope the various new cool shape-shift glyphs will provide a little distraction while the moonkin model gets the loving it needs. We hope the Glyph of Stars will help you here.

But haven’t they said that for years, that it’s in the schedule and still nothing has happened and no date so it won’t be with MoP. And still they make new warlock pet models, new mounts, new races etc. I think a Moonkin Form redesign should get higher priority as it’s a form we have to see every day and you can see how unhappy some people are, maybe most of them would calm down and be satisfied with a redesign like bear and cat form.

I hope they’ll do as they’ve told us again now: Redesign Moonkin Form as with bear and cat and that we’re able to choose different colors by changing our hair color in a barber shop. Do so Starfall and Starsurge only can be used while in Moonkin Form and remove those glyphs.

All this is of course my opinion about this topic and just something I wanted to let out after reading different discussions on several forums. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me and I respect that we have different opinions and hope that you respect mine :)

15 thoughts on “Druids are shapeshifters and meant to be in forms

  1. So what you want is to impose your point of view to the rest of the community? Your poll, although interesting, is not representative of the whole game, as there are millions of players, profiles and personalities that you simply are excluding as not everyone reads blogs.

    There’s tons of different opinions and reasonings on each side, and you cannot disregard others opinions just because you think you’re right.

    1. Some attach their identity and value to the aesthetics of the character; some prefer the Moonkin aspect be it for uniqueness, funny, etc, while other like to show their gear in caster.
    2. Others value playstyle and mechanics more highly, where Moonkin form really doesn’t impact the Balance Druid mechanics besides being a buff (and your suggestion of limiting Starfall to moonkin would be just the same as limiting WildGrowth to Tree of Life)
    3. Other people value the lore and background more. Even here there are opposing opinions. Although Moonkin’s are established in the lore as creatures of Elune, Balance druid lore goes beyond that as balancing nature and the cosmos/stars.
    4. Others also value the shapeshifting aspect of the class. However, as with the previous points, there are oposing views on the matter as well. Is shapeshifting just staying in one form 100% of the time (as currently), or is shapeshifting all about changing forms constantly (like the new Warlock Metamorphosis).

    So, Im all for giving Moonkin form the Cat/Bear Treatment, but the discussion is deeper than you make it appear, and you simply can’t disregard the other sides opinions as easily.

    1. This is my blog where I share my opinions, yes, my place to let out what I think. I never said the poll was representative of the whole game, but I asked the followers of my blog and on Twitter to vote and that’s what they did. It was just to get an idea of what people in my circle thought of it.

      I never said I was right, and again: This is where I write down MY opinions, and I’ve never expected others to agree with me.

      I think it would have been great if spells like Starsurge and Starfall only were usable in Moonkin Form and same with Wild Growth in Tree of Life Form if they had kept the old one which was a form and not a cooldown.

      Please read more carefully.

  2. I’m pretty much of your opinion on Moonkin form — I love it, it’s one of the reasons I chose to play Balance with my Druid, but I’d like to see it get the same redesign treatment as Bear, Cat, and Tree, to have the color choice variations of Bear & Cat, and to have the Troll and Worgen versions have features that are distinct and different from the Tauren and Night Elf versions.

  3. “Druids are shapeshifters and meant to be in forms”

    Your title is patently false. While shapechanging is a key component of the class, it is not their entire definition. Druids are casters first and foremost, and their use of nature spells never *required* shapeshifting at all times. In fact, both Balance and Restoration Druids in WoW began with no forms at all (Moonkin Form was added in 1.8 and Tree of Life was added in 2.0).

    Performing *melee* requires shapeshifting because Druids are not trained in hand-to-hand combat – again, they are casters. Your fears over Feral and Guardian specs waiving Cat and Bear requirements are largely unfounded.

    1. It’s not false, it’s my opinion and an opinion can’t be false. Druids are shapeshifters, yes? And I know Moonkin Form and Tree of Life were added later, but I started in TBC and have always been used to shapeshifting and the different forms, that’s why I started a druid to be able to be in different forms. So for me the title is true, maybe not for you and that’s ok.

      You don’t get the thing about ferals. They have to be in form but resto and balance druid don’t, I meant if they changed it so you have to be in moonkin form to cast a certain balance spell. Then it would be the same for all specs, except resto druids whichI doubt they are planning on changing again just yet. So if they added a glyph for people to remove moonkin form and play in caster form just because some people are unhappy about it then they might aswell do so ferals can play in caster form too, it was a joke by the way, and you clearly didn’t get it :)

      And again: This is my opinions about druids.

  4. I’d love to be able to use that icy blue model (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=7452) found in Winterspring. I think the current colour choices are part of my problem with the form, along with the size and the fact that people spot a moonkin, stop whatever they’re doing and attempt to kill you.

    Opening that up, so that perhaps it works on hair/fur colour like cat/bear form would be good.

    1. I know what you mean, I used to play moonkin in PvP all the time and I felt like a giant target with a “Kill me!” sign on. But I don’t think they will change the size, cause then other races could complain about their size being too big and easy to spot, and then everyone would like to play a gnome :P Nah, I don’t know. I like that blue moonkin too and hope they’ll keep some of those colors and add some new ones when they redesign it :D

  5. My main push for the permanent forms is the fact that ferals are constantly in form. I realize that there isn’t any dynamic shifting in the feral playstyle because the form is the first required step, but for consistency’s sake all forms should begin with a shift. I don’t like all the forms, but part of playing a druid is being in form and dealing with the sometimes awkward and goofy appearance. That fact always seems to attract the best personalities to the class, anyway :)

  6. Shapeshift is a verb, not a noun. I think shapeshifting is better when you actually do it, in combat.

    I’ve actually enjoyed the new restoration approach. It’s fun having a cooldown to use; back in Wrath, I would specifically look for on-use trinkets just because I felt much more effective being able to choose when to use it. Further, I like seeing my character’s weapon and armor. I think it looks cool in boss fights when, when the going gets tough, trees start sprouting all over the raid.

    I’m not wedded to a cooldown as the mechanic. However, I do like seeing actual changes in form during the fight. Bear druids change to cat once in a while, and tree druids use tree as a cooldown. Moonkin are currently the ones left out. They only shift if they battle rez someone, and then it’s kinda by accident.

  7. I started my druid way back in vanilla and I leveled to about 30 as feral. I HATED feral back then, it just felt off to me so I switched to balance and my druid suddenly clicked. I loved balance and when we got moonkin form i thought it was awesome because we got something that was special and unique.

    I leveled in BC and most of Wrath as balance and only halfway through Wrath did I dip my feet into resto healing. I have always loved the tree form and being able to be a tree was so awesome. And then they changed it to a cd and I was mad because I LOVED running around in tree form healing instances or even just running around Dalaran. If they turned the moonkin form into a cd like they did with tree, I honestly would never touch my druid again.

    Yes according to lore, Night Elves are casters but the moonkin form is like a gift from Elune that allows them to channel her energy into their spells. It refines their abilities and allows them do more damage against their enemies. You have to be special to become a moonkin(Even Malfurion doesnt have moonkin form :-P)

    If they want to mess with moonkins, they should let us change feather color/antlers/etc just like feral druids can change their animal form. I don’t get the point of someone playing a balance druid who is unhappy with being a moonkin. It’s a game, if you don’t like the class you’re playing then you are free to change classes until you find something else you like. I won’t use any glyphs that alter how my druid looks because I like looking at my screen and seeing a fuzzy antlered owl chicken.

    For the people who whine about not being able to show off gear because you have to be in moonkin form…who the hell is going to be looking at your gear during combat. During combat is the only time that you NEED to be in that form. If you want to brag about your epeen through your gear, sit in town out of form and show off your gear. I don’t know about you but during a raid, I am too busy doing my job to look at what gear someone is wearing. Same goes for transmogged sets, they are cool outside of raids but in a raid priority is to kill stuff, not to show off clothing.

    And to the people hating on you for posting YOUR opinion on YOUR blog, they obviously missed the point of a personal blog. Viva the Moonkin!

  8. I have a hard time understanding why some people say things like “moonkin form is the only reason I’ve never played balance, it is enough to keep us away from balance entirely’. As you said, it’s not all about looks. I also like being able to spot a boomkin from afar – being able to tell a character’s class by only looking at it is something that is slowly becoming rarer with the introduction of transmogrification, which is sad in my opinion, since this is something I valued a lot.

    Diversity is nice, though, and definitely something worth enouraging in my opinion – WoW is becoming one of the few games in the MMO branche that allows for very little character customization, which is why I don’t quite agree with your statement that
    “looks should be customized in the barber shop, but only things like hair/horn/fur color/style/shape” – especially when you compare to other RPG’s like Rift, Skyrim or Tera, where the player is really given the opportunity to personalize his character, encouraging him to “bond” more with the character he’ll play day in and out, I think. You are probably right when you say that it seems like Blizzard see glyphs as the easy solution to everything, though.

    I would be very sad if moonkin form ever got turned into a cooldown, or if they remove it completely. I don’t mind the character-altering glyphs, as long as the “astral form” isn’t just our normal form with extra sparkles added to it.
    I’m definitely go for a moonkin-remodel and the option to change the moonkin skin color! (Or have it change with hair color like with cat and bear form)

    1. I know what you mean about the character customization. I tried Aion for a while and it was really fun that you were able to customize your character’s looks so much but I don’t think the same will be possible in WoW, or well maybe sometime in the future if they choose to spend that much time on making it possible. But I remember in Aion you were able to make your character look either old, young like a child, small or tall, almost anything was possible. But I don’t want them to make it possible to make a tiny gnome sized tauren either :P But it would be nice, yes, if we were able to do some more customization when creating our character, like adding more hairstyles, colors, faces etc so you feel like your character has an unique look. What I meant about the “looks should be customized in the barber shop” was that it shouldn’t be that in stead of glyphs, but they should add more and different customizations in the barber shop.

    2. Ahh, that makes more sense! I’m totally with you on that, but I’m also happy they are finding a way to add more customization to the game, even if the means is not the best.. A tiny gnome-sized tauren would indeed be too silly! You are probably right about that type of customization not being possible for WoW, since the character designs are quite cartoon-y as opposed to those other games we mentioned, sadly.
      Either way, I was quite happy to see someone fend for the moonkin form!

  9. The title really says it all.
    If you dont like being in a form, then you don’t like a major part of being a druid – which means you should play another class or get used to it.

    As for myself, I love spending my time in forms. Except from flying or sometimes walking, I always stay in form. When Im not in a hurry, I like to travel by Travel Form. I have no problem of being in forms for whole encounters.

    I.m.o the varation is much better than other classes. People complaining about how other classes can show their gear – but you can to, just not in combat (who looks at gear in combat?!). You can choose to look like yourself with the gear you want, a cheetah, Panther/Cat, Bear and Crow/Bat.

    I got Balance as my off-spec, and that is for two reasons:
    – being a big, fat, hugable teddy-bear
    – knocking people off things
    With my Boomkin gear not being that superior, I don’t like that people drop whatever they are doing and start charging me. However, it is worth it, and it is kinda fun if you cant own them or manage to run away.
    I think they need to add a small change to boomkin that you can decide by yourself – just like Cat and Bear form, but that should be enough. I dont like the tought of just being a stary caster, but I guess it is ok, as you can choose not to have it, and it will silence the whiners.

    I am more upset about the Travel Form tbh. Or, I think it is great that they add a Stag that someone can ride. However, I would like it if they increased the speed of Cheetah form (Original travel form), and changed it from race to race. F. example:
    Tauren; a gazelle or mountain lion
    Troll: a tiger
    Night Elf: stag
    Worgen: a worg like theese you find in Northrend.
    Theese are all alternate suggestions that would make travel form more unique. Atleast they could have updated the cheetah form to increase the size (to something like the cats in Sholazar Basin), and increased the run speed to something like 80 or 90%. This would of course not count for Battlegrounds.

    Kinda annoys me that they spend so much time improving warlock PETS, but not Druid Forms. I understand the Warlocks would like a change of pets, but they dont use em’ all, and we druids are most of time in our forms, so why not at least put us first in the pecking order? None’ the less, with Warlock demons out of the window, we surely gotta’ be next?

    I know alot of what I say is already mentioned in the post, but that just means I agree with the poster – which I do, a 100%.

    In the end, I would like to promote a suggestion about making the cosmetic effect of Fandral’s Flameschythe working when Transmoging the staff. I love being a Fire Kitty, and I will have a hard time letting go of the Fire Kitty in MoP – maybe I cant, maybe I will be a stubborn druid, running around in BG with a Cata staff?

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