Through Your Interface – Day 9: Your Character’s Hometown

Your Character’s Hometown
We all have the same starting zones where we begin our various quests, but where does your character actually hail from? 

I’ve never actually created a story for my characters so this one is a little hard. But my druid was originally a tauren and I taurens are my favorite race and for me the real druids of the Horde side.

Syrco is a troll druid, her parents died when she was just a baby, they were traveling through Azeroth and were attacked. Taurens of the Bloodhoof tribe found her and raised her as one of theirs. As taurens are nomads she grew up traveling and moving between different places and seeing a lot of the world which might be why she is so adventurous and loves exploring. If her hometown is where she spent most of her time growing up, that would be Bloodhoof Village and Thunder Bluff, but one of her favorite places which now sadly is gone is the small farm they had on the coast of Silithus.

So even though she is a troll, she feels like a tauren, lives and thinks like one. The taurens have a special place in her heart.


4 thoughts on “Through Your Interface – Day 9: Your Character’s Hometown

  1. Thunder Bluff really is a pretty stunning city. Amazing night skies, beautiful surrounding landscapes…I wish I had time to hang out there more.

      1. I think it is shamefull that they changed the music in Mulgore.

        I mean, it is abseloutely ok now, but it’s not that peacefull as it were before. I always go to Mulgore when im bored, and just stare out over the open landscape.

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