Ash vs Dragon Soul

One of our hunters, Kulagi, frapsed our first kills of Morchok and Yor’sahj heroic so I just wanted to share them with you.

We took Morchok December 8 and Yor’sahj January 10. Morchok was fairly easy once we got the hang of the moving and stacking. As a moonkin this boss is not one of my favorites cause of the moving and interrupts/delaying of casts, there aren’t many casts you get in between the Stomp, moving to Crystal, back to stacking and then same over again. I actually specced Lunar Shower for this in hope of doing some more damage and it helped a bit.

We went directly for Yor’sahj after we killed Morchok but it seemed almost impossible, or that’s what the healers said, and it took us a while to learn the different combos and how to deal with them. We had some progress on him and it seemed less impossible but then it was Christmas and New Years so we had a few weeks break cause some people were going away and we weren’t able to get a good enough setup or even enough people for progressing on him.

But last week we started up again after the holidays and surprised ourselves with some really good tries on him on Sunday, and Tuesday we finally got him down.

Yor’sahj is more fun than Morchok as moonkin cause it’s not the same thing over and over again, it’s so random and depending on which combos you get and which you choose to leave up. It took me a while to figure out how to best to this boss and I’m not sure yet how other moonkins do it, so if you’re moonkin on Yor’sahj heroic I’d like to know. We are two moonkins in my guild now and got different playstyles and he’s new so I don’t know him that well yet, but he seems good. I haven’t really talked about him about how we did it on that boss either, but on the kill we were even on the dps, but I felt like most of the tries I did a little more than him.

I specced Gale Winds and Lunar Shower for this boss and placed Mushrooms before pull, pre pot, Starfall and Solar Eclipse to detonate Mushrooms and then just nuke untill the spawns, Moonfire/Sunfire while moving, keep dots up on boss and Mana Void, on AoE stay in Solar and detonate Mushrooms on every CD and Hurricane when detonate Mushrooms is on cooldown, cause I tested it and it did good enough damage and I had no problems with mana. On first Mana Void which we never kill, I used my Innervate with Dreamstate. Normal rotation on single target, Starfall in Lunar if possible, but on AoE and in Solar I used it anyway. And that’s just about it, I think, how I played.


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