Thoughts on Dragon Soul

I’ve been looking forward to new content for like a month, maybe more. Firelands was fun before the big nerf when the bosses actually were a small challenge, now they’re just ridiculous. Not that we have killed Ragnaros heroic yet, but we were very close and just haven’t had time to go back and try now in 4.3

I didn’t know much about the Dragon Soul raid before it went live and we went in there, first in Looking For Raid which was too easy, then next day normal guild run.

The first four bosses were very easy and simple, they don’t have many mechanics and it’s not much you have to do or remember, just dps/heal/tank + like one more thing. Dragon Soul is actually very moonkin friendly, more than Firelands was cause of all the movement, target switch which means dps loss. But in Dragon Soul as moonkin I was very happy with the fights.

Morchok and the movement there wasn’t a problem at all as you can dps while you’re behind those pillars and put up dots if you’re running to an orb or just use travel form to get there faster. This boss was also very easy so we one-shotted him.

Warlord Zon’ozz has a bit of movement if you have to move to reach the ball and when you have to stack on melee for phase two. But that’s about it, so most of the time you’ll be able to just stand still and nuke. It took us some tries to get him down cause the tank kept dying and melee didn’t move properly out when they were supposed to so the ball could hit the boss.

Yor’sahj was a lot of fun as moonkin. You start dpsing the boss, then just stampeding roar or dash to get to the globules faster. But the fun part is the other adds which spawn near the boss and you have to AoE. Try being in Solar Eclipse and detonate your Wild Mushrooms, oh how much I love them! If it wasn’t for the fps lag (yes I need a new computer) then my dps would have been much higher on this boss. Fun and easy boss as long as you know which globule to kill and call it out early so you got time to dps them down.

Hagara was more annoying as moonkin cause there is so much movement and target switching. But then it’s good to have Stampeding Roar and dots. This boss is actually a bit fun cause there is more than one thing to think about, still not hard. I think we got her down on first try with a few deaths.

Ultraxion is very straight forward just stacking up, dpsing the boss and using the special ability at the correct time. We wiped a couple of times cause people didn’t use their special ability when they were supposed to and we lost too many, but we got him down when they finally managed to stay alive.

Warmaster Blackhorn was a surprisingly easy fight, we almost had him on first try, but too many dps and healers died in the end so we wiped and got him on next try. Great as moonkin cause there are so many targets to dot up. Easy but still a fun fight, I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll be like on heroic.

Spine of Deathwing was a bit trickier than the previous bosses cause it took us a while before people started to dps the right targets and stop when they were told to. Kind of annoying fight cause I felt like I couldn’t do very much as there weren’t many targets to dps. Might be better on heroic.

Madness of Deathwing is very simple but still so much fun cause there is always something to do. I kept dots up on both Deathwing’s arm and the tentacle all the time while dpsing the tentacle, then switch to the Elementium Bolt when it’s targetable, back to tentacle and then his arm again. Already placed Wild Mushrooms so I could detonate them when the adds spawned and had Starfall ready to get them down fast. I used my cooldowns in the start and one more time I think and then saved them for the last platform which needed some extra damage cause we had to kill the normal adds and the tentacle adds. In second phase I placed Wild Mushrooms out so they were ready for the small adds, dots on the boss at all times, then switch between adds and boss as the adds spawn. The damage taken on this boss is insane so of course I used my Barkskin all the time and especially in the second phase. Barkskin, Dream, Healthstone and Tranquillity helps the healers out a lot.

Some tank deaths, people falling down and dying which I hope is a bug, and random deaths which caused dps loss were what took us around 9 tries to fix before we got him down. Very simple boss, but my favorite so far.

Important things to remember as moonkin in Dragon Soul: Use your Barkskin, Innervate healers early so you can use it twice or more, Tranquillity if raid goes low on health, Thorns on tanks for extra damage (use a macro which gives Thorns to your target’s target), use Stampeding Roar when your raid needs to move.

World of Logs from our raid


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Dragon Soul

    1. Well, the “Ping Pong” is the ball, orb, sphere or what you call it on Warlord Zon’ozz. It spawns from the boss and goes towards the ranged who has to stand in it’s way so it goes back to the boss/melee and then “ping pong” it back and forth a few times. It does more damage every time, but after a number of times you let it go into the boss and then the boss will go into a new phase and take extra damage depending on how many times the ball went back and forth. So you really don’t have to do much except standing in it’s way :P

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