My new gear looks old

If I can be honest I wasn’t exactly that excited about transmogrification when they announced it and it was the same with the armor dye which was an April’s fool earlier this year. I didn’t really like the idea of being able to decide what we want our gear to look like cause then what’s the point of making new designs if we’re not gonna use them, if everyone are just going to change them? People thought maybe this is their chance to look different from others of the same class, but I thought more people would look the same cause most people will choose the same old tier, weapons etc, and I wasn’t wrong. I’ve seen so many Judgement and Lightbringer paladins and other classes looking the same, Bulwark’s of Azzinoth, Sword Breaker’s Bulwark and plenty of other items I don’t know the names of. Of course people choose what they got and what they like, but if you change your gear cause you want to look different and unique you have to try harder to come up with something none else has.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to transmogrify my gear at all cause I’m almost always in moonkin form or Tarecgosa’s visage, so who cares what my gear looks like? I didn’t have much gear to choose from anyway, just some tiers from Wrath of the Lich King and a few parts of Cenarion and Stormrage tier. But I decided to try it and transmogrified my gear into the Conqueror’s Nightsong set which is tier 8 from Ulduar cause I always liked that set. It felt good with a change, as my tier 12 was bright purple and this is pale pink, and I don’t really like the tier 13.

A good friend and guildie told me yesterday that you can buy the old PvP gear from a vendor in Area 52 in Netherstorm, I thought that only was for those with old PvP titles which I don’t have, but I always wished I had some of those old PvP sets on my current druid which was created after the Burning Crusade, so now I can get them. Cause I have to transmogrify my PvP gear, which is grey and ugly, into something more colorful, more druid-ish looking. Maybe the Vengeful Gladiator set which I think is one of the best looking druid PvP sets.

But I also got a bit disappointed when I heard about the vendors selling the old gear for everyone to get, cause I saved all my old gear on my warrior which I played back then, even the Gladiator set which I haven’t seen anyone wear since that season back in the Burning Crusade, except for myself that is wearing it for fun with the Gladiator weapons and Amani Mask of Death aka “murloc head” which was “my look” before I started raiding. I’m missing the Gladiator head so I might buy it now to have all 5 parts.

It was more fun to transmogrify my warrior as he had plenty of gear to choose from, but of course I chose the Onslaught tier 6 which is my favorite warrior tier and it’s special to me cause I actually wanted to start raiding after I saw a male tauren warrior in Orgrimmar with that gear so it was my goal to get that gear and I did. My warrior’s equipped gear wasn’t exactly good, with an item level around 350 and a mix of random epics from Zandalari, BoEs and even some ugly blue shoulders, so it felt great to get rid of that horrible look and see my warrior as I want him to be with the look I’ve always loved. I remember when I changed main to druid and stopped playing my warrior, he wore the tier 6 even at level 80 cause that’s how I wanted to remember him. I do miss playing my warrior and I regret I haven’t spent much time gearing him up, so I did something about it yesterday.

I spent the whole day doing the new heroic dungeons for gear, with randoms which I hate. I lost so many items to people who needed for off spec, lol spec, vendor, just to annoy me or whatever. It made me sad, angry and annoyed. I haven’t gotten all the gear I needed yet, still missing the trinkets and weapons, but at least the gear is much better now with an item level around 372 and I’m able to join Looking For Raid for a chance to get some better gear. It feels good to be back on my warrior sometimes and see him up to date with gear, but my skills are still a bit rusty as I haven’t kept myself 100% up to date on changes and rotation, but I hope practice makes perfect, as they say.


2 thoughts on “My new gear looks old

  1. I didn’t know you could buy the PvP gear from a vendor in Netherstorm until I read your blog! I started doing some research, and I seriously freaked out when I confirmed that you can buy them. So because of you, I have my transmog set for my shadow spec! TY ^_^ <3

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