IntPiPoMo: Hour of Twilight

Patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight went live on EU servers today, so I went into the new dungeons and raid where I took a few screenshots. The new dungeons were pretty fun and interesting, but felt too easy as we went in there without knowing tactics and only wiped a few times on one of the bosses. I still enjoyed the quests, lore, bosses, design and music.

I did the raid Dragon Soul’s first four bosses through Looking for Raid on my resto shaman but with a bunch of guildies. I didn’t know tactics there either, but it was very easy to learn and we one-shotted all bosses, had a few deaths cause some people clearly didn’t how to stack, spread or run away.


9 thoughts on “IntPiPoMo: Hour of Twilight

    1. Thanks :) I’ve actually had a few wipes in there with randoms, so they aren’t that easy after all if people got no clue what to do, which means maybe they’re hard enough.. for pugs. But for guild groups or people “with brains” they are too easy :P

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