IntPiPoMo: Underwater

I love Vashj’ir, it’s so beautiful there, I love the colors, the music and the quests. It was the first zone I tested on the beta after they added the music and I spent hours there. I don’t go back there often and usually skip leveling there on my alts cause Mount Hyjal is so much easier, faster and cause you get revered with the faction there by only doing the quests.

But I thought I’d go back to take a few screenshots, cause I had almost forgotten how beautiful Vashj’ir can be.

6 thoughts on “IntPiPoMo: Underwater

  1. Love that last one! This post reminds me, I must explore Vashj’ir now that I actually have a computer whose view distance can be set to something higher than “low.” Very pretty!

  2. Vashj’ir, the colors and depth of that expansive underwater world were simply amazing! Even though I got lost more times than I remember, lol. Great shots, certainly makes one feel like being there.

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