Through Your Interface – Day 7: Best Screenshot of the Year

Best Sceenshot of the Year
Show us the best screen shot you believe that you have ever taken and why you think it is the best (content, meaning, how you framed it, etc). 
I just can’t look through all of my screenshots cause there are just too many of them, but I found some good screenshots taken within the last year. The first two are from the Cataclysm beta when I flew around almost spam pressing my print screen button, the other two are just a few months old. It’s really hard to choose one which I think is the best, cause I like them all, so maybe you can help and tell me which one you think is the best of these four?
This is a red dragon in the Vermillion Redoubt in Twilight Highlands. I like the way the dragon sits there, he/she looks so proud, and I like how the red colors of the dragon and the tree balance the screenshots.
As you can see this is Stormwind seen from the farms behind the city with the water as foreground. The screenshot might be a little heavy on the left cause of the tree. But I really like the new water effect reflecting the city.
This is taken from inside the Greymane Manor in the Gilneas zone. I wasn’t sure how to catch the light coming from the window, this might not be a very good screenshot after all, but there is still something I like about it.
This is of course from the Faerie Circle event in the Whispering Forest. I love this place and event, and that might be why I also love this screenshot. But I think it’s also a good screenshot cause it catches the event in a good way, the faerie dragon’s song around the circle of mushrooms, the yellow beams and green effects, the trees around and starry sky frames it and you can even see the mist floating over the circle.

6 thoughts on “Through Your Interface – Day 7: Best Screenshot of the Year

  1. These are in a league of their own!

    Seriously, they are really unique.

    The second one, I literally love. Really good snap from a rare POV of Stormwind. The third, the light makes it. Reminds me of Harry Potter?

    More of the same :)

    – Jamin

  2. I am pretty torn on this one honestly. I absolutely love Greymane Manor and I think that you caught that light wonderfully. I also love that Fey Circle to bits, the event itself is spectacular and the image you have here is vibrant with showing a good splash of color, the beauty, and it displays the mystery very well. In the end I had to go with the last image, but they are all rather stunning!

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