My new mage

I was bored with my old alts and wanted to play a class which was good in both PvP and PvE, so I chose mage. I already had a level 85 mage on another realm but couldn’t afford to transfer it so I thought I’d just level up a new one, and so I did. I I leveled my first mage as fire, this one I leveled as arcane so it was new and different. On low levels my dps was much higher than other classes, only problem was my hit rating which is hard to cap so early. But I made it through and finally hit 85.

So the last weeks I’ve been trying to gearing up both arcane PvE og frost PvP at the same time, cause I want to be able to do both PvE and PvP, but PvP is my favorite.

I’ve always disliked to meet mages in PvP regardless of which class I played, the mages usually won the duels. They’re like a caster version of a rogue, cause they can do so much. Counterspell, freeze in different ways, poly, blink, invisibility, shields, spellsteal etc.

So now it’s payback time! My turn to be the mage and be super annoying, I just have to learn how to play it first. I’ve finally got enough gear to not be one shotted in battlegrounds, my damage is still a bit weak cause I’m using some PvE parts with haste instead of mastery and crit. I’ve also done some arena matches with a friend which was very good practice. I think we’ve actually won more than we lost, which I think is good when you’re new to a class. And even when we lose I learn something new.

At first I had to keybind the abilities in a good place so they’re all easy to reach when needed, and then when and how to use them. You can easily feel when you have full control and everything “sits”. At least I can, that’s how it is on my druid and warrior, and soon on this mage.

As for PvE, I bought some epics at the auction house and for Justice and Valor points, also did some heroics and Zandalari heroics, Baradin Hold, BoT, BWD and Firelands with the guild’s alt run. People say arcane is so easy to play, but I disagree. It’s more than just spamming one button. You have to know how many Arcane Blasts you can do before your mana is too low so Evocation won’t give you full mana, and you have to time cooldowns and many bosses have so much movement so it’s hard to keep up with those who can dps while moving. But all this is just practice and I can’t expect it to be perfect yet, cause I’ve only done a few raids.


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