What are your guild’s traditions?

This week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth comes from Tzufit of Tree Heals Go Woosh who asks:

Every guild has a certain personality, style, and even traditions all of its own. Do you have certain abilities that you always need to use on a boss kill screenshot? Or perhaps your guild holds an annual holiday party? What special traditions does your guild have?

I have written many posts about my guild before which you can find here, but I still wanted to write this. Not because we have that many traditions but I think we have a few.

I don’t know if you can call it a tradition but usually our first kills are when we call “Last try!”, and we almost never have clean kills, they’re actually kinda messy sometimes. Tanks die, healers die and then a few dps are still alive when the boss hits the ground. Typical Ash.

But our biggest tradition is our guild party, which I’ve written about before, we have like 2-3 each year in Sweden and we’re usually like 15-20 people there I think. Both current members and people who stopped playing a long time ago. It’s so much fun and I’m always looking forward to it. That’s what I love about being in a Scandinavian guild where everyone are from 3 different countries and understand each others languages.

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