Amani Battle Bear – 3 years later

It was in 2008 I started doing Zul Aman 10 man timed runs with the guild I was in back then. We weren’t one of the best guilds on the server but we did manage to get the Amani War Bear a few times. I never got it cause it, and couldn’t afford a boost by some of the top guilds.

I know this new version has been out for long and most of you have it already on several characters, I just haven’t cared enough to farm it, just thought I’ll get it when I get it, and that was now. I have done a few runs and rolled on it but always lost, this time I actually won the roll against three others.

I still wish I had the old version from the Burning Crusade cause I like the colors much better, not a big fan of this weird dirty pink color, but it’s still a bear and I like bears. But the dream mount is the Big Battle Bear from the trading cards, oh I want that bear so much! But can’t afford to buy the card and haven’t seen the mount in-game for a while, but maybe one day.. Hopefully.


6 thoughts on “Amani Battle Bear – 3 years later

  1. Congrats!

    I never got it in TBC either, I’ve always been unlucky about dropped mounts and rolls *lol* Even in this expansion I keep losing it to other people, so I still don’t have it.

    That said, I’m a bit peeved because I once lost a roll against a guildie’s alt. I think that’s a bit unfair that he’d take the mount on his alt over my main.. but maybe that’s just me. (I always pass for mains when on an alt.. maybe I’m just too nice! *lol*)

  2. A friend of mine loves bears. She’s always wanted a ZA battle bear but we’ve never gotten one. And now, we’re not running dungeons like we used too, so no bears for her!

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