Through Your Interface – Day 4: Greatest Accomplishment

Greatest Accomplishment
Proud of a boss kill? Excited about taming that rare? Over the moon about getting a title? Show us your greatest in game accomplishment!

This isn’t new, it’s from Wrath of the Lich King and Icecrown. But I don’t really have anything else that could be called a great accomplishment, or something to be especially proud of.

This achievement and mount might be easy to get now, but back when we did it in April 2010 it was a little harder. I remember we spent much time on getting down the heroic bosses and some of the achievements were really hard. I think we were one of the first guilds on our realm to get it all done and get the mount, so I was very proud of it.

2 thoughts on “Through Your Interface – Day 4: Greatest Accomplishment

  1. [Mountain o’ mounts]. God! I cannot describe the relief I felt when I got that achiev. 4 months or so with pure mount grinding.
    However, I have to say Time-Lost Proto-Drake. Its not much about skills, but very few are so lucky to stumble over it without looking for it.

    Can understand you are proud of getting that Achievment in WOTLK, taking down ICC on 25 man hrc.

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