Druid Tier 13 Deep Earth Vestments

Blizzard recently published a preview of the druid tier 13 on their website and here is what they said about it
The design called for “phosphorescent mushrooms, reminiscent of Zangarmarsh,” so our main concern was avoiding making a helm that looked like a giant toadstool sombrero. We’re always looking to incorporate interesting light sources within a raid set, and bioluminescent vegetable growth certainly provides that. Twisting, organic shapes are often key elements of a druid set, and this tier is no exception, with writhing plant roots providing a frame for the glowing clusters of fungi.
So they did manage to make an ok looking mushroom-like set, cause you can clearly see the glowing blue mushrooms, the green moss and plant roots.
But I can’t see what this has to do with the Deathwing raid? I always thought they would design it more to fit the raid, content and lore. Not that they always do that, but I wish they did. I personally don’t like the colors of this set, I’m a bit tired of these dark-colored, green and brown sets, there were enough of them in Wrath of the Lich King.
They also posted pictures of all the previous druid tiers, you can find them here, which one is your favorite? There are three sets I like best cause they’re the most druid-ish sets, at least that’s what I think. Tier 1 Cenarion, Tier 2 Stormrage and Tier 6 Thunderheart.
Yesterday Blizzard also released the Tier 12 set bonuses, and I have to say I’m disappointed.
  • Balance, 2P – Insect Swarm increases all damage done by your Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath spells against that target by 3%.
  • Balance, 4P – Starsurge generates 100% extra Lunar or Solar energy while Eclipse is not active.
The 2 set bonus is ok against single target, but what if we’re multi-dotting?
And the 4 set bonus is not very good at all, an Eclipse buffed Starsurge is more powerful than a Starsurge outside of Eclipse, so you would save it for Eclipse, and what is the chance Shooting Stars will proc the short time Eclipse is not active? RNG based 4 set bonus, nice…
Please keep in mind that the below data is pre-PTR and could change prior to the release of patch 4.3.

So hopefully they will change it.

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